Three Ideal Places To Visit In The Uk!

Everyone always assumes that London is the only best place to visit in the UK, when its actually not! Here’s 3 places besides London to travel to in the UK that will guarantee your satisfaction!

15 Best Things to Do in Cambridge (Cambridgeshire, England) - The Crazy  Tourist

1. Cambridge

Cambridge is such a beautiful area. Whether you live in the UK or not, you need to visit there at least once in your lifetime reasons being; having perfect locations to sit back and relax, or even exploring the outdoors. Cambridge is best known for its university, picturesque streets, architecture and surrounding countryside.

2. Edinburgh

Electronic Bug Sweep In Edinburgh - Mias TSCM

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland if you didn’t know, and it truly is an astonishing city when it comes to the comforting atmosphere it provides. With its old historic buildings, stunning views and fantastic museums, travelling to Edinburgh is an experience you will never forget! Did you know that Edinburgh was the first city in the world to have its own fire service and that the Edinburgh castle sits at the top of a volcano, cool right?

3. Northumberland

Northumberland coast: Great British Breaks | Travel | The Sunday Times

If you’re looking to travel to a more peaceful, quiet area in the UK, then Northumberland is the place to be! What makes Northumberland a great place to visit, is its home to a coastline full of amazing beaches, historic castles, famous battlefields, beautiful coastlines and grande architecture and landscapes.

Written by Hema Dixons.