TikTok has changed the music industry – here’s how

TikTok seems to have taken over most aspects of pop culture including fashion trends, make-up trends, dances and more noticeably, the music industry.  

Many music artists have seen their songs, old or new, gain popularity through TikTok and even land them a place on the music charts.  

Doja Cat is an artist who has benefitted from this. Her 2019 track, Say So, went viral on the app after user Haley Sharpe choreographed a dance to the chorus. Doja Cat went on to release the track as a single in January 2020 which peaked at number two on the UK charts. After Nicki Minaj jumped on the track for the remix, it reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. On TikTok, the song has been used in 16.4 million videos! 

Fleetwood Mac also saw their 1977 song, ‘Dreams’re-enter the chart. TikTok user Nathan Apodaca recorded himself lip-synching to the song whilst skateboarding down a highway drinking cranberry juice. ‘Dreams’ landed at number 21 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart – the first time since its 1977 run.  

 Many music artists are jumping onto songs that are already popular on TikTok. One example of this is Jason Derulo. He released his song, Savage Love, last year. The original song was by Jawsh 685 and it’s called ‘Laxed (Siren Beat). After the beat went viral on TikTok, Derulo wrote lyrics to the song and released the music video featuring the dance moves that were used on the app.  

Of course, these music artists would still see success without the app but TikTok has helped to make songs more well-known. Now, more artists are making their song lyrics catchy in hopes to go viral. With the app making no signs of going away soon – we’re bound to see more viral dances and comebacks of old tunes!  

By Nicola Scovell