To Be Gay- What School Never Taught You

We’d like to start this article with saying how important it is to understand that sexuality is never a choice, but how one chooses to express it is the decision of that individual only. There is no such thing as acting or being too gay as you should be proud of the person you are and express it as much as you please. There are 3 particular topics that we feel, as students in university ourselves, should be apart of the educational curriculum in younger years. This is for the students that were questioning their sexuality and should of been told as much about homosexual culture, as they were about heterosexual culture. This is also for the students that found the concept of gay people too uncomfortable to be previously pleasant towards those questioning their sexuality. 

Written by Lucas Smith

Homosexual Intercourse is What you Make of It

Many younger individuals questioning this aspect of their life were never given the vital advice that experiencing intercourse isn’t confined to the traditional acts you may of been bullied over in school and should be more about experiencing that level of pleasure with someone you have interest or feelings towards, at any level of intimacy. This could be broken down even further but all we can recommend is to educate yourself with websites less confined than our own and experiment with someone you are completely comfortable with.

STIs can be Passed on in any Form of Contact, No Matter the Level

Bodily fluids are the main source of most STI’s which is why no matter what is going in where, you have a chance of catching something. Hook-ups are an exciting concept when you begin to find your feet as the person you are, but getting to know the individuals you’re beginning your sexual journey with will make all the difference as you will then have the confidence to ensure that both parties are being as safe as possible. Once you begin this journey, regular checks are a necessary action if you’re going to continue to meet new people. This can be literally terrifying which is why confiding in someone you trust, like a family member or friend, to go with you for your first time will make all the difference. There are also plenty of online free tests to be sent to your home discreetly, which we recommend for the more serious diseases like HIV to check a little more regularly than the basics. There are also prevention drugs such as PReP which reduce the chances of catching HIV even further.

Sexuality is Something you can Discover at any Age

As a gay person myself, I am proof that you will learn more and more about your preferences, the older you get. Although I have known I’m gay from a younger age, there are many other types of genders and sexualities you may find more and more appealing as you grow. Try to be as open as possible to finding interest in people you never would of had a second thought about at a younger age, as you may surprise yourself with who makes your heart skip a beat in the future.

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