Travel bucket list

Everyone wants to travel and everyone has a bucket list. Here’s a travel bucket list with things to do in certain places that are really worth the visit.

Water tunnels – Jamaica

Aside from the amazing culture and iconic history of the country. Have you ever wander what it’d be like to jump into a hole that water is disappearing into? Great, because this is the place for you. Leading to a hidden cave underground, you can swim and enjoy the thrill of jumping into a mysterious water tunnel. 

Skydiving and restaurants – Dubai

Being the fastest development city in the world. It’s got a huge amount of attractions, imagine seeing it all from a Birdseye view. Completely possible thanks to their amazing and famous skydiving opportunities. You can also dine at two amazing places. One being the highest restaurant in the world with the most prestigious food. The other being dining in the sky, literally strapped in and suspended 45-50 meters in the air as you eat.

Zorbing and bungee jumping – New Zealand

The country that practically invented adventure. If you’re looking for thrill and fun, New Zealand certainly delivers. The hills provide a perfect ramp for zorbing is definitely something to have on your bucket list. Why not do it in the best rated place for it? Bungee jumping off the bridges and cliffs is definitely an experience to get your heart racing.

Pink lakes and wildlife – Australia

Although not necessarily exclusive to Australia, the pink lakes are stunning to see. Swimming in them is well worth the cost and it will give you some killer insta pics. The wildlife on the other hand is exclusive to Australia for the most part and getting the experience of meeting these animals is something not worth missing. Though be careful if you get too close to a kangaroo.

Enchanted River and colourful beaches – Philippines

A beautiful clear water river will make you feel like you’re in a complete state of utter bliss. The beaches will continue this. Beaches with sands that are white almost creating the look of snow or pink sand beaches which are perfect for sunbathing on. Not to mention the Philippines provide endless holiday insta pics that everyone will be jealous of.

By Jasmin Fee