Travis Scott Projects – Ranked

Being bored in isolation from all of this Coronavirus s**t has given me a lot of free time. So during all this free time, what have I done? Re-listened to all of Travis Scotts albums. 

So, being bored with nothing to do, I am going to rank all of his albums from worst to best. Hopefully from reading this, you will learn which songs and albums you have to listen to, and which ones you don’t really have to bother with. 

*This is all my personal opinion, so your own opinion may differ from mine* 

 Also, I just wanted to clarify that none of these records are bad, just some pieces of Travis’s work is better than others.

7.) Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho 


The collaborative tape from Travis and Quavo was left to be desired. Even with a few good songs on the record, it wasn’t enough to hold up against Travis’s other work. 

There are a few good points with this album though; the production is great, the beats used were fantastic. ‘Modern Slavery’ and ‘moon rock’ really stand out for me, with Travis and Quavo’s voices working really well to complement each other. 

However, as a whole piece of work, the album does drag. I think it is really repetitive, and the songs don’t differ enough to make it that interesting or catchy. Not to drag Quavo down, but through the tape, Quavo used several lines over and over again, which doesn’t add to the variety in lyricism. 

With Travis Scott fans, this is seen as his worst project, but I do think it has aged well since 2017. The best songs to listen to on this tape are ‘Dubai Shit’, ‘Saint Laurent Mask’ and ‘Modern Slavery’. 

6.)  Owl Pharaoh 

Being Travis’s first project, I do believe that this piece of work is rather underrated. But being Travis’s first project, It also has many flaws. 

Many of Travis’s lyrics do not make much sense and can be very random at times, sometimes being offbeat and not flow as well as they could. You can tell Travis is trying to find his voice and how he wants to take his music; it is imminent throughout that Travis is trying different ways to rap and produce his music. 

However, for being his first-ever project, you can tell he really cared about what was being made. He was on almost every major production credit for each song, which you don’t see with many other artists on their pieces of work. 

Of course, his first piece of work is not going to be his best. Comparing this to other rap projects of 2013, I think Owl Pharaoh aged quite well. 

The best songs to listen to from Owl Pharaoh are ‘Upper Echelon’, ‘Hell Of A Night’ and ‘Quintana’. 



In my opinion, JACKBOYS is an amazing piece of work. The only reason It is not higher in this list is because It lacks in length, and other artists shine over Travis. 

JACKBOYS is a short pack of songs that highlights the artists part of the group “JACKBOYS”. This includes Don Toliver, Sheck Wes, Chase B, Travis Scott and more. Every song made on this pack is great; the production, lyrics, sound, and atmosphere created from the project is fantastic. 

The only downside to this pack is that there were only 5 original songs created for it – this is not enough to go on to get any higher than 5th. Looking at it this way, the album actually felt quite underwhelming because there was so much hype and excitement around it. 

Overall I love this project and the songs that were made from it sound great. “GATTI”, “WHAT DO DO?”, and “GANG GANG” are the three best songs on the project, with Travis hardly actually appearing in all of them. In “WHAT TO DO?” Don Toliver carries the song with his effortless vocals, and in “GATTI”, Pop Smokes’ gritty, grunge-like voice makes the piece aggressive and exciting. 

4.) Rodeo


Now, putting this Fan – Favourite album at no. 4 could really offend some Travis fans, but it is my opinion. 

Ultimately, there’s nothing that wrong with Rodeo (2015); it is a lengthy piece of work, with multiple features, and its produced amazingly with a wide variety of songs. But, in my opinion, it’s just not better than Days Before Rodeo, Birds, or Astroworld. 

With features from Quavo, 2 Chains, Justin Bieber, The Weekend, Swae Lee, Kanye West, and many more artists, this album is full to the brim with fantastic music. The features on this album are perfect for each song, and my favourite feature is Kacy Hill on “90210” (one of Travis Scott’s best ever songs). 

I think in this album you can definitely tell Travis has found his voice; his storytelling ability is very present, and his vocal ability has improved drastically. Every vocal effect matches each song and each vibe perfectly, and Travis goes through many different emotions through this whole album. 

With the release of this album, Travis went on tour in 2015 with Chase B (his DJ), Young Thug and Metro Boomin. He also had a whole march drop with this album too. 

The best songs on this album include; “90210 (ft.Kacy Hill)”, “Oh My Dis Side (ft.Quavo)”, “Pray 4 Love”, “Apple Pie” and “Antidote”. Another really interesting piece of work to come from this album was the music video to “90210”, which is a full stop motion – animation created a piece of work, which is definitely worth the watch. 

3.) Days Before Rodeo


With this project being fairly short at 12 songs of 50 minutes, this project ‘Days Before Rodeo’ holds up extremely well. DBR came out in 2014, and is honestly a masterpiece. This was a pack of songs released before the ‘Rodeo’ album – hence the title of the project. 

I have listened to this mixtape through more times than Rodeo itself. Each song is great in their own way – but each song stemming from Travis Scotts’s Southern American vibe. This album holds a grittier, dirtier more underground atmosphere, and really emulates Travis’s early career. 

Every song in this EP almost fits any mood that you are in – for example, ‘Grey’ can be played to fit whatever mood you are in at any time of the day. 

The production through this project is fantastic, but at times you can tell where it drops off a bit. This could be due to the fact that Travis was newer to the creation of his music, so not all of it is going to be perfect.  An example of where the production drops off is in ‘Quintana Pt.2’, where there is little to no bass on the song. 

Despite a few production issues, this EP is a fantastic piece of Travis Scott’s work. The best Tracks to listen to from this project is ‘Don’t Play (Ft. Big Sean and The 1975)’, ‘Skyfall (Ft. Young Thug)’ and ‘Drugs You Should Try It’. 

2.) Astroworld


Now at the number #2 spot is Astroworld. This album was first teased in 2016, before ‘Huncho Jack Jack Huncho’ and ‘Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight’, so the excitement and hype for this project was through the roof. It took Travis over 2 years to finally release this album, and when he did, boy did it deliver. 

At 17 tracks long, ‘Astroworld’ is similar to any theme park – there are ups and downs, twists and turns… it really is an exciting ride. I think each track captivates this theme that Travis was trying to accomplish; every song is like a different ride. You get a real sense of what Astroworld is really like, and this was the first time I really connected with an album. 

Travis’s skill as a curator helps sculpt a psychedelic world with dazzling production and odd pleasures at every turn. The Track ‘Sicko Mode’ has multiple beat changes and emulates a roller coaster. With help from Drake and Tay Kieth, this has become his most streamed song to date. 

The only downside to this album are the tracks ‘NC-17’ AND ‘WHO WHAT?!’, which I feel lack in production, vocals and all-around atmosphere. They are a bit lackluster and a bit boring in all honesty. 21 Savage on NC-17 does not fit with the beat, and in “WHO WHAT?!” the bass is just to quiet to make the song exciting or aggressive. These are the only two downsides to the whole album.

I have so many good memories with this album, and this song helped to make my 2018 summer one of the best summers I have ever had. The best songs to listen to on this album are “SICKO MODE”, “CAN’T SAY”, “NO BYSTANDERS” and “STARGAZING”.

1.) Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight


Coming in at No.1 is LaFlame’s 2016 album, ‘Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight’. Birds is a complete album; from start to finish this album is perfect. Travis performs with sharp storytelling, immersive vocals, and impressive wordplay to completely immerse you into every song. Not often you get an album where you can listen to every song start to finish, but on Birds you can. 

The production is great; warm synths, different trap, hip hop, and RnB beats all come together to create a cinematic atmosphere. This album was his transfer into more upbeat, positive music, (compared to Rodeo and Days Before Rodeo). 

The entire album goes through a shift, from a darker start to a lighter ending, completely showcasing his shift as a person, and the music he was creating at the time. 

With features from Young Thug, Kendrick Lamar, Andree 3000, Kid Cudi, The Weekend and many more, Travis brought the best out of them. He works really well with each artist, especially with Kid Cudi in “through the late night”. 

This album is now a platinum record and was Travis’s first ever number 1 on the billboard top 100.  

The best songs to listen to from this album would be “through the late night”, “coordinate”, “sweet sweet” and “the ends”.

Written By Jacob Adatia