What kind of photo hoarder are you?

Are you a screenshot queen, prints charming or an album aficionado? Find out by taking this quiz!

Photos are a key part of the millennial life. Whether they’re for saving the memory, sharing the moment or creating a beautiful Instagram feed, I’m sure most of us can admit to having a lot (A LOT!) of photos.

Take this quiz to find out what kind of photo hoarder you are and how to organise your photos better. Simply keep a tally of how many As, Bs and Cs you pick and then find your results below!

  1. You go out for dinner with your friends. All your group photos are in the form of; a) printed polaroids! b) a screenshot of the pic your friend posted to their Insta feed c) photos I took myself, in my camera roll
  2. ‘Your storage is full’. Why is this? a) this never happens to you b) so many (…too many) screenshots! c) a thousand selfies of yourself, because the lighting was too good to miss (or a million of your dog because they look good in every lighting)
  3. Your friend sends a hilarious photo on messenger, you; a) laugh and send a voice note of you wheezing b) screenshot and post it to your Snapchat story c) forward the message to your other friends
  4. How often do you clear out your camera roll? a) every week! You’ve got to keep the phone fresh! b) wait, people actually do that?? c) every few months when your phone starts lagging
  5. A photo is… a) a memory captured! b) something perfect for sharing c) the start of your career as an influencer

Mostly A- hello there prints charming

You tend to opt for physical photos, like polaroids or prints from Boots. They feel more special and it’s like the moment’s captured forever in this shiny piece of paper. Only problem is, the photos are everywhere! In boxes, on the wall, under the bed… half of them you’ve forgotten you ever took!

3 ways to organise your printed photos:

A) Monica style– do a Monica (any f.r.i.e.n.d.s fans here?) and organise all your photos by putting them into categories (people, places, years/months) and number them too.

B) Display time– put them ALL up on your wall. Make a whole photo wall and maybe even create a colour scheme…

C) Year by year- Separate them into different photo albums for different years or phases (secondary school, Uni, first year of adulting) and then put the albums all together in a box that you won’t lose!

Mostly B- screenshot queen is that you?

You have a tendency to screenshot EVERYTHING and then never delete them after and your phone storage really takes a hit. But I guess you never know when you’ll need that screenshot of the conversation you had with someone in 2017…

Tips for organising your screenshots:

A) Delete some– Sift through 50 a day and delete 2/3 of what you go through until they’re slightly more tamed

B) Organise them– put them into digital photo albums based on what they’re of.

C) The lazy way- transfer them all onto an old laptop or iPad so they’re no longer clogging up your phone but you still have them for future use.

Mostly C- album aficionado… you’re impressive!

You’ve got all your photos organised and you’re totally on top of your photo game. They’re categorised, they’re on your laptop or hard-drive for back up, you know where everything is. It’s quite an achievement but sometimes they’re so tidied away you hardly end up looking at them. Try putting some of them into new albums on your phone so you can enjoy them more often!

Creative categories to put your photos in:

The bloopers– the wannabe Insta pics that turned into hilarious private Snapchat story content instead

The happy pile– the photos that instantly put a smile on your face

The old, old, old ones– snaps of your eyeliner phase from when you were 14, you and your siblings when you were younger and all the other old photos you tend to forget about!

Share your result with friends and tag us on Instagram with a screenshot of what you got!

Written by Sophie Corderoy