What YOU should watch on Disney+

An exciting quiz to help you find out which film or TV show to watch!

Since its release in the US in November last year, Disney+ has been one of the fastest-growing streaming services in the modern day, with there being almost 30 million users signed up to the service at this current moment in time. Now it is released in the UK, and with there being so many things to choose from, are you unsure on what to watch? Complete the quiz below in order to find out where you should start, keeping track of your choices as you do it!

If someone were to make a film about your life, what genre would it fit in to?

  • A – A Western film
  • B – A Horror film
  • C – An Adventure film
  • D – An Action film

What are you usually up to on a weekend?

  • A – Working hard, like always
  • B – Mischievous things; annoying my siblings and playing pranks on people!
  • C – Staying at home alone, not wanting to talk to anyone or do anything
  • D- Hanging out with my friends

What is your biggest weakness in life?

  • A – My past always haunting me
  • B – Everyone thinks I’m so scary!
  • C – Having to talk to others
  • D – Putting everything on my own shoulders

Out of the following statements, which one best describes yourself?

  • A – I always get the job done, doing whatever it takes
  • B – I am always the loudest one in the room
  • C – I am independent
  • D – I like to work with others and be sociable – it’s cool to collaborate!

If you were a superhero, who would your sidekick be?

  • A – An alien
  • B – My best buddy who I’ve known since we were young
  • C – Whoever I end up with by chance
  • D – A person who’s skilled and talented in fighting crime

What are your go-to colours?

  • A – Black and Brown – slick and professional
  • B – Blue and Green – a good combo
  • C – I don’t even care about colour!
  • D – Red and White – a bit different

Mostly A’s: The Mandalorian – Following around a bounty hunter who is told to capture and destroy a creature which he instead learns to care for, this new and exciting spin-off series within the Star Wars universe would be the best place for you to start when you go on to Disney+!

Mostly B’s: Monsters Inc – A classic film which you’ve surely seen it before, especially as it’s been around forever! Go give it a quick re-watch, just don’t get too scared of the monsters!

Mostly C’s: Up – One of the best standalone films Pixar has created, and this one is calling your name! A tale of twists and adventure, this one is for the independent people out there!

Mostly D’s: The Avengers – An action-packed film that kickstarted it all, the original Avengers film had it all! This film is perfect for yourself, as you’re someone who loves working within a team and with others who have the same determination as yourself!

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By Matthew Nicoll