What’s the future of Victorias Secret…

Victorias Secret is finally seeing a change in diversity and body inclusivity as the Spring 2020 ‘Body by Victoria’ collection launches.

Victoria Secret has finally seen a brand change as this new diverse collection is seen featuring plus size and transgender models with some being over 30! The brand has always received criticism for the lack of diversity in their models they choose to promote their brand via social media as well as their famous runway show that happens every year. However this is set to change for 2020 as the newest campaign is much more inclusive.

We can see the change from their Instagram which has typically been a huge feed of pink along with the same looking models. Although now we see 9 models racially diverse, with different body types and skin tones. Calming neutral colours are also used and a more loose fitting underwear can be seen. The brand stated on Instagram “all new – and all about you. Join us as we redefine our lingerie landscape”. From this they are receiving a lot of positive feedback across social media.

@victoriassecret Instagram 2019
@victoriassecret Instagram 2020

The models featured in the campaign are; Jasmine Sanders, Riley Montana, Yvonne Simone, Chiharu Okunugi, Hyunjoo Hwang, Nisaa Pouncey, Alexina Graham, Solange Van Doorn, and Victoria’s Secret Angel Barbara Palvin.

It looks like this brand is on the rise after having a difficult year in 2019. More than 50 stores had to close and there was of course the cancellation of the famous runway show, where we see the likes of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid walk. The chief financial officer Stuart B. Burgdoerfer told the press last year that the brand would start reevaluating its marketing strategies, and it looks like they may have finally got it right.

After 42 of branding themselves as a ‘fantasy’ they are beginning to rebrand itself on reality! Not all women look the same and with this new campaign comes a new form of acceptance for all its customers. Along with no more controversial runway show happening each year, Victorias Secret is finally caught up with the world and is ready for this new era!

By Megan Summers