What’s trending? Want to shop small? Indie brands you need on your radar

Supporting new and upcoming indie business is important. Especially since most of them strive to achieve sustainability and eco-friendly values that you don’t see in a lot of mainstream brands. Here’s some amazing indie brands that you should check out.


Ran by a young mum, Pribella’s name is inspired by her own daughter’s name Isabella. This is a business with humble beginnings that reflect in products. With amazing products that are on trend and fashionable while giving quality, as proven by reviews. The prices are also very affordable and shipping is lost cost, even free over £30. Worth the look to see if there’s something that would fit your style as it caters to a wide customer type.

Shop here – https://pribella.co.uk

Peachy Jewellery

Some of the most affordable jewellery that looks amazing. It’s cute, dainty and affordable. Plus who doesn’t like support a small business that’s giving you quality that would usually be sold by bigger chain companies that overprice products hugely? Products range quite a bit but the butterfly collection is definitely the biggest and most on trend to check out. Peachy Jewellery is definitely worth checking out and free shipping in the UK mean you don’t have that extra cost to think about.

Check it out here – https://peachy-jewellery.myshopify.com

Xpired clothing

Having an edgier approach to clothes is something the indie brands are amazing at achieving. Xpired is definitely one that create unique clothes and they have a lot of products for decent prices. Ran by two teens and create for anyone who wants to wear it, Xpired gives a new breath of fresh air to small business creating clothes. They even offer custom orders to customers which is just amazing. Also catch the sale on right now by visiting their website below.

Find the sale here – https://xpiredclothing.com

Moki Studios

Moving away from the clothing side of small businesses, Moki Studios makes only a few products but they are perfect for home decor. Especially of the minimalist choice which is huge right now. The small ornament of a woman’s body is just beautiful and thanks to popular demand of them selling out on the product along with suggestions from customers. They’re restocking and creating a model that incorporates a bigger body size to be more inclusive to their customer base.

Yellow Threadd

With some of the most unique earrings and necklaces, that I’ve seen. It’s definitely a small business that stems from a creative of mind for creative minds. Based around bright colours and different designs than what you’d expect. They also sell iron on badges of the Simpsons which are just perfect. Available from both Depop and Etsy, and inexpensive with amazing reviews. There’s really not much more you can ask for from a small business.

Etsy shop – https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/YellowThreadd?page=1#items

Depop shop – https://www.depop.com/yellow_threadd/

Goddess In You

One of my personal favourites, this is a company that sells reworked and upcycled designer brand jewellery. More affordable than designer jewellery, and a million times more unique. Very unlikely you’ll find stuff like this anywhere else and it’s just stunning jewellery with amazing prices and being a small business which gives things a second like as jewellery it’s worth checking out.

Find them here – https://goddessinyouuk.com


Actually bought from this store and loved what I got. Quality is amazing, the price is perfect for what you get. Resin decor products are growing in popularity and finding a store that is trustworthy in giving you what you order with affordable prices. It’s an amazing feeling. Also the girl, Beth, running this small business is the sweetest person and makes the packaging with the product you purchase just the nicest thing to open.

She’s due to restock soon here – https://bethsworks.bigcartel.com/products

Supporting small businesses is hugely important and helping someone achieve their dream by having a successful business while also getting something out of it that you like just makes you feel good too. It’s not always about big labels and expensive designer brands with price tags that most people can’t afford. You can often find the same quality product from a small business that doesn’t feed into huge corporations.

By Jasmin Fee