Why Black Mirror relates more to real life than a lot of reality tv.

Black Mirror feeds us with representations of the things that go on in our lives and although some episodes are unrealistic in some ways, the meanings behind them are in a way, more true and more relatable than so-called, reality tv. 

Let’s use Love Island as an example as to why this kind of reality tv isn’t as real and relatable as we would like. Members of the show have came out and opened up about how the show is scripted. They are told what to do and say in order to create more drama which comes with a huge after effect on them as we sit behind our screens judging. They tend to choose your stereotypical, tall dark and handsome, big muscled men and pretty and slim or pretty and curvy women. In most series, if not all, there will be one person who doesn’t fit the description who will lack attention and it’s almost like people are dropped in to feel like an odd piece of the wrong puzzle, which again causes us to judge as watchers. The show has to be entertaining yet can you see how unrealistic the show is? Not to mention that love shouldn’t have to cost £50,000, so what is real and what is fake?

Now onto Black Mirror. The dark, dystopian thriller series is very popular and 110% worth watching if you haven’t watched the series yet. 

Series 3, episode 1 (Nosedive) is a brilliant example of how our lives are run by social media, other people’s opinions and for the vast majority of us, we can say that we don’t care what other people think, however; we do in some ways whether or now it’s to do with how we look, how we act or react in places but it’s true. 

Series 5, episode 3 ( Rachel, Jack and Ashley too) is about a lonely girl who gets attached to a robot doll that is based on her favourite pop star. There is a deeper meaning in this episode than kids getting attached to dolls and that is how the music industry has control over big stars. Not to mention any names as the research can quickly be done but many huge stars have slated companies and people at the top for taking control of their lives and careers which we do not see as fans. This episode has a bold statement and addresses a real life issue (although it doesn’t relate to us on a personal level, it is still a real life issue for some).

Shut up and dance (Season 3 Episode 3) is possibly the best episode of all and most liked by viewers. Although this episode is very dark in terms of the story, the reality behind the episode is there in many ways, one being exploitation and using things against people for your own gain.

Yes, shows like Love Island are real, but they are scripted and polished to become a false representation of reality. The difference that Black Mirror has to Love Island, is that instead of polishing it off to look better than it is, It actually hides the meanings behind each episode in a mindblowing storyline. Black Mirror has a deeper meaning and lesson in every episode. It is made to seem unrealistic in some ways when in fact, it is so relatable and if not to me, then to you or somebody else. 

If you love Black Mirror, as many of us do, or if it is your first time hearing about it, really think about the deeper meaning of each episode and the truth behind those meaning and I can guarantee you that it will get ten times more interesting!