Why leftover Salmon is the new Tiktok trend

Asian food has always been big, but just recently we’ve seen it get even bigger. Sushi being a common favourite of influencers; you’d find it hard to scroll through Instagram stories and not see someone filming their sushi spread at Nobu.

If you use Tiktok; the algorithm will have most likely blessed you with a few cooking videos. And one creator in particular who’s blowing up right now is Emily Mariko; if you’ve heard her name before and not sure why, here’s why in 3 words; Salmon rice bowl.


What is The Salmon Rice Bowl?

If you are totally confused right now; the dish is one of her own. She takes left over salmon from the fridge, mashes it up and adds rice to the mix. She then adds a ice cube on top, along with baking paper and microwaves. Once it’s done she tops with Kewpie mayo, Soy sauce, and Siracha, before eating, tucking each mouthful between a seaweed thin.

Emilys account currently sits at 5.7M followers, which is pretty impressive, she’s discovered almost overnight stardom on Tiktok after filming her preparing the infamous dish. Theres a few variations of the same video preparing the dish on her account, the most popular amassing 67.1M views, perhaps because of the weird use of an ice cube in the microwave, which doesn’t melt!!(?)

If this is the first your hearing of the trend, you are welcome!! And if you haven’t yet tried the trend, are you going to? Here’s the video to follow if you do!!

By Ellie Atherley