World Water Day 2020: Style Guide

To celebrate World Water Day 2020, we are revealing our top results of how the creative industry have used water as the main inspiration to their production processes.

STAGING/CATWALK: Hunter’s London Fashion Week AW15

Hunter’s London Fashion Week AW15

With the use of industrial scaffolded waterfalls into a large pool, set in a warehouse on London’s Albert Embankment, it was designed to portray the sights and sounds of the Scottish countryside, where the company was originally founded over 150 years ago. The set was also accompanied by a soundtrack of thunder and rain sounds, to set the scene of the fashion show audibly.  The models wearing the Hunter collection walked a loop around the obstacle of the rectangular catwalk, passing beneath the gaps in the scaffolded waterfall maze.

FASHION: Iris Van Herpen’s Crystallisation Dress SS11 collection

Iris Van Herpen Crystallisation Dress SS11

The dress symbolises the incomprehensible magic of the body. It was designed and based on the idea of a concept which would fall around the wearer like a splash of water, being immersed in a warm bath. She wanted to captured the natural beauty of water waves without over materialising the water element, capturing a photographic shot within manmade materials.

EDITORIAL: Steven Popovich ‘Down River’ Editorial 2016 – styled by Janai Anselmi

Steven Popovich ‘Down River’ Editorial 2016

‘Down River’ as a photography editorial was inspired by periodic artwork of the Italian Renaissance era. Janai as the stylist selected specific fashions to suit the era as well as those that were rich or earthy in tone and still obtained this description whilst soaked in water. The shoot was actually shot within a studio rather than a location specific shoot, where the models were prompted to move around in the water as required to create the ripples and divots of light across the bath of water, to create a realistic naturalistic shoot.

MAKEUP: ‘Emerging’ @dynamic_canvas – Instagram

‘Emerging’ @dynamic_canvas – Instagram

A makeup look inspired by emerging from water in a swimming pool, used a @milk1422 FaceChart as the main inspiration to the look and water looks by @twigmakeup and @vvictoriajane. The look was created using products by NYX, Tarte, Morphe, Mehron and HudaBeauty as well as other less known brands. The look is heavily detailed and depicts the waves and ripples within the pool water surrounding the artists’s face, she’s also styled her makeup look with matching blue hairstyle her eyebrows and clothing.

Written by Lucie Kyle