3 funky hairstyles for men with long hair.

Carbon writer Anna Baker shares her step by step guide to creating groovy hairstyles in seconds.

It can be hard to know how to style your hair, especially for men as not many tutorials or ‘how to’ guides are available, so here at Carbon we have created a simple step by step guide to 3 groovy hairstyles to that are fun to recreate!


This is the most common hairstyle when thinking of men with long hair, it is smart and sophisticated but also works when going for that casual look. This is the easiest out of the three and will take you around 15 seconds.

Step 1. Grab your hair with one hand and form a high ponytail.

Step 2. With your free hand, spin the hair to create a tight twist.

Step 3. With your hand still holding on to the high ponytail, twist the hair around the hand and form a bun.

Step 4. Tie your hairband around the bun to secure. Pull on it gently to create a messy look.


This hairstyle is really popular for women it came a huge trend in 2016 and is still present today. This hairstyle on men however makes you really stand out amongst everyone else; this is also super easy and again takes around 15 seconds.

Step 1. Grab the top part of your hair and create a ponytail with your hand.

Step 2. Take your free hand and squish the top of the ponytail together to create a bump at the top of your head.

Step 3. Wrap your hair band around the small bun to secure it in place.

Step 4. Gently pull on it to give it a messy look and to help the rest of the ponytail blend in with your hair.


This is the hardest out of the three but looks great when at festivals or just to keep the hair of your head in summer when it’s super-hot! This can either be done as French braids or braided pigtails. For an easier alternative start off with pigtails and then move onto French braids. This can take around 5 minutes.

Step 1. Part your hair down the middle and grab the top section.

Step 2. Section the piece you have in your hand to three even sections.

Step 3. In turn, take the outside section and place it over the middle section and repeat each side. When creating a French braid, pick up a small piece of hair and add it to the section each time when crossing it to the middle. It doesn’t matter what side you start from but make sure you keep the pattern the same every time to get an even look.

Step 4. Once you have got to the end of the hair, secure with a hair band and repeat on the other side.

Step 5. Finally, pull and tug at small pieces of hair to create a messy look, this will help when making the hairstyle more casual.

Easy to follow video on TikTok – @carbononcampus

Check out out video on TikTok for how we created 2/3 of these hairstyles, they’re super easy and look great! Never be afraid to try new things and push boundaries, at Carbon we have strong values of expressing yourself and by trying out new hairstyles is a great way to get started and to say a big NO to those gender roles. So give it a go and find your fave!

Written by Anna Baker.