3 TikTok approved beauty hacks that might just change your life

It is without doubt TikTok has become one of the biggest social media platforms, completely blowing up in 2020 with addictive songs and dances to keep us hooked for hours on end. Taking a step away from the dances, it has also become a station for all things beauty related. We decided to delve into the beauty side of Tiktok, from soap brows to even fake tan freckles. We bring you 3 viral hacks that will be making a way into your routine to ensure you stay looking flawless.


With big bushy eyebrows being the trend at the moment and brow lamination taking the beauty industry by storm, soap brows are the new at-home DIY of this treatment. Soap is used to create fluffy editorial brushed up brows that are perfectly groomed, which perhaps a gel couldn’t quite achieve. 

To do this look you will need to grab a spoolie brush, a setting spray, and a bar of transparent soap (Pears soap is a TikTok favourite), and follow these 3 simple steps: 

Step 1: Start by taking your bar of soap and wet it down with about 3-4 sprays of the setting spray,(a spray bottle of water would work as well), add more if needed.  

Step 2: Grab your spoolie brush, and start by rubbing the soap to create a gel-like consistency, and then brush the brow hairs to shape them how you would like to.

Step 3: Fill in any sparse areas using an eyebrow pencil (or brow pomade), to create an even fuller look, making sure to flick the pencil in the direction of the brow hairs. 

Watch the video here https://www.tiktok.com/@beautyindreamz/video/6826441596683193606?lang=en


Eyeliner can be challenging, the difficulty to get each side matching and perfect can be a long process, which I think we can all agree the struggle is real. TikTok comes to the rescue with another hack which might just change our lives. Firstly, replacing your liquid liner with a dark-colored eyeshadow, for a softer yet well-executed look that also gives you that supermodel lift. Then after using petroleum jelly to sharpen the wing. This hack is easy, simply take a flat liner brush, a dark coloured eyeshadow from any palette you have, and some petroleum jelly.

Step 1:
Dab the end of the flat liner brush into the eyeshadow of your choice tapping off any excess you may have.

Step 2: Map the liner out and then proceed with how you would normally do the liner, go wild with how big you want your wing!

Step 3: To sharpen the liner, apply some petroleum jelly with either an angled brush or a cotton bud to control the shape you want and to create that sharp model flick. 

Watch the video here https://www.tiktok.com/@beautyhacks/video/6837576086654635269


 With more celebrities over the past years revealing their natural skin’s sunspots, they have now become a popular beauty trend for a young and fresh look. We are sadly not all blessed with perfectly placed freckles, however, TikTok users are now showcasing how they use fake tan to achieve those sunkissed kisses all year round.

Step 1: Firstly, grab a clean tiny pencil or eyeshadow brush that you can easily control

Step 2: Now dip the brush in the fake tan, you choose the shade depending on your skin tone. Dot the tan around your face to layer the freckles, choosing where you want to focus the most, such as around your nose and cheeks. Try to vary the size of dots to create a more natural and subtle flush of freckles.

Step 3: Lastly, leave them to develop overnight and then wash off with a splash of warm water in the morning.

Watch the video here https://www.tiktok.com/@daniellemarcan/video/6770617174332624133?

These TikTok beauty hacks could be making a way into your everyday routine before you know it.

Written by Lucy Sanders