3 Ways to style short hair in less than 10 mins

We all know hair can be the one thing we don’t want to do when we are short of time and rushing to be somewhere. I’m extremely lazy when it comes to my hair,  and if it’s going to be taking me longer than 10 minutes, I’m calling it quits. After trialing and testing and watching many Youtube tutorials, I have got the hang of some super easy and quick hairstyles that are cute for short hair. Here are 3 ways to style your short hair, for those days you just want to get going whilst still looking put together.

Big Bouncy Curls

You just can’t go wrong with big bouncy, voluminous curls for any hair length really, but this style looks incredible on short hair, as well giving off an illusion of thicker and fluffier hair.

For this hairstyle all you are going to need is a curling wand, the bigger barrel the better, my personal favorite is the Mark Hill Pick ‘N’ Mix Medium Curl barrel, as well a big hair clasp to section the hair and some stronghold freeze hair spray. 

  1. Start off by sectioning the hair in half, wrapping half the hair up, and using the clasp so it says put.
  2.  Take a large section of hair from underneath and wrap them around your barrel, holding down for about 7 seconds before unwinding the curl.
  3. Let the curl drop and don’t touch it again until it has completely cooled down, repeat this step until you have completely curled the whole head
  4. Take a big paddle brush and run this through the curls to separate them and create the ‘big and bouncy’ effect.
  5. To finish off spray some stronghold freeze hair spray and you’re done!

Space Buns

This hairstyle is cute, playful, and trendy and can either be worn casually or created to spice up any outfit and have an ‘out of this world’ look.

To create this look you’ll need some bobby pins, hair bobbles, a comb, and some freeze hold hairspray. 

  1. Start by sectioning the hair, creating two separate ponytails on the top of the head making sure there is an even amount of hair on each side, ever so slightly backcombing the hair as well.
  2. Next, wrap the hair around the base of the ponytails, before securing with bobby pins all around. 
  3. To seal the look together, spritz some hair spray all over so it stays put for the day or night ahead!

 Ways to make your space buns even more extra and out of this world

If you’re thinking of heading to a festival post corona or just fancy jazzing up your hair. Adding a touch of glitter down the middle of your parting is a great way to spice up this look, take any colour glitter you fancy, you could even match it to your outfit!

Another way is to incorporate some dutch plaits into the space buns, you can do as many as you like, create these then wrap them around the base of the bun before securing with a bobby pin.

Sleek Flick

I’m sure you’ve all seen Molly-Mae rocking this look on her Instagram when she cut her hair short, which she even made a Youtube tutorial so of course, I had to have a sneak peek and follow her steps to copy for myself. This style is great for a quick sleek, smooth glam look that you just can’t go wrong with. 

You will need to grab some hair straighteners, any will do! A hairbrush, a section clip, and some smoothing hair oil. 

  1. Firstly section your hair into two equal sections clipping the top half upon your head
  2. Take your hair straighteners and start by at the roots working your way down until you reach about 3/4 way down. Slowly tilt the straighteners inwards towards your face, whilst still pulling down. This will give you a perfect flicked inwards curl.
  3. Repeat for the whole head, before finishing off with some hair oil to bring everything together.