4 Top Tips on achieving bouncy, defined curls

If you’re curls are lacking that bouncy and defined look then you need to drop the chemical filled products that you’re currently using and follow these essential top tips. 

Firstly, stop putting your hair up in that towel or turban, you probably think you’re just drying your hair, but the truth is you are absorbing all the moisture out and ruffling your hair cuticles. So, swap out that nasty towel and replace it with a cotton t-shirt to avoid this lac of moisture. You will see instant results by doing this. 

Stop detangling your hair with a regular brush, especially not tangle teasers, they will only cause breakage! The reason for this is because when your hair is wet it swells making it more fragile. Instead of using a brush to detangle your wet hair replace it with a wide tooth comb. The wider spaces between the teeth make it easier to detangle therefore less damage is caused. 

Do at least one hair mask a week to see true results. If you are wanting those gorgeously defined locks make sure this tip is at the top of your list and is kept consistent. Many factors contribute to breakage or loss of moisture for your curls such as pollution or sweat when exercising. A hair mask is almost a quick fix for dry curls to give them that bit of life instantly. 

Spend that extra £10 on a cruelty, paraben free shampoo and conditioner. Cheap drug store products may be portrayed in an excellent way by brands but truly they are the worst thig for your beautiful curls. It may seem like a lot of money especially when there are so many cheaper options around you but trust me in the long term, your curls will thank you massively. These nasty chemicals essentially strip your hair from all the goodness which it needs. 

Ella Gutfreund