5 Self-Love Gifts For Valentine’s Day

14th of February has always been the date, when you show the love you have for your partner, even though that should be done everyday. When that time is near, every high street shop and online store floods you with gifts that will make your boyfriend/girlfriend cry from happiness. 

However, we think that Valentine’s Day is much more than that and it is made to celebrate every type of love, not only the one you have towards your loved one. Actually, on this day we want you to pay attention to the most important type of love – the love that you have for yourself. We are here to help you do that, by showing you 5 amazing self-care gifts, that will not only make you feel better about yourself, but also fit in every budget.


There is nothing better than going home after a long day at work or school, turning up the music and lighting a nice aroma candle for calm, relaxed atmosphere.

If you have a boyfriend, you can always use them to set the mood as well, so they are an amazing gift no matter the situation.

Yankee Candle
Cherry Blossom
TYankee Candle
Rainbow Cookie

Nice Lingerie

We don’t know a woman, who doesn’t like wearing nice lingerie and a lace bodysuit. We are also quite sure that it feels even better when you are wearing it only for yourself and not to impress your lover.


Have a SPA-day

If you want to do something a little bit more fancy and you have a day off, then going to the SPA is definitely something you should consider. Grab your besties and head straight to the salon for a full day of massages, pedicure and relaxation. You deserve it!


Chocolate can easily replace your boyfriend any time. You can’t live without it, it always gives you pleasure and it is so sweet. There are also so many different variations out there – dark, milk, white… There is nothing wrong with forgetting about the calories for once and treating yourself with a box or a bar of chocolate. Here are some of our favourites.

Lindt Milk Chocolate Heart
Ferrero Rocher Giant Gift Box


This gift can perfectly match with the candles, so the whole relaxed atmosphere is completely. No matter what type of cosmetics you choose, it will immediately help to make you feel like the goddess that you truly are.

Peachy Bath Bomb
The Body Shop
Coconut Body Butter
from £6.00

You heard it, girls. These are some of the best gifts for self-love. Never forget, that you, as much as anybody in this world, deserve your love.

And how do you take care of yourself? Share your tips and tricks with us on our Instagram and Facebook pages – @carbononcampus .

Written by Anna-Maria