5 Steps to prevent your skin from air pollution damage

You may not notice air pollution, but your skin definitely does…

Now that everyone is living in cities, air pollution levels are on the rise and whilst you may be aware of the damage that it may cause to the environment, are you aware of the damage it can cause your skin? This quick and easy list is here to help you with 5 products you might want to add into your skincare routine to prevent your skin from air pollution damage. 

  1. Milk Makeup, Matcha Detoxifying Face Mask, £24.

You will definitely want to add this vegan and cruelty free detoxifying mask by Milk Makeup into your skincare routine. The face mask is enriched with matcha green tea, kombucha and witch hazel, which will purify pores as well as help prevent those unwanted blemishes. It also has hydrating, anti-irritation and anti-redness properties due to its organic cactus elixir. Plus, this mask comes in stick form which makes it super easy to apply and only takes 5 minutes so it’s perfect for your busy schedule!

2. Drunk Elephant, D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops, £30.

This Drunk Elephant serum creates the most gorgeous sun-kissed glow without any of the damage. With ingredients such as Chronopeptide which mimics the benefits of vitamin D, and blackcurrant seed oils which replenishes the skin, this serum helps to boost skin’s defences against pollution, without any harsh or ‘suspicious’ ingredients. As well as this, it leaves the skin super bronzed and glowy which is perfect all year round! 

3. Pixi, Vitamin-C Juice Cleanser, £18.

Perfect for giving your skin a good cleanse without having to worry about washing it off, you’re going to love this no-rinse cleanser by Pixi as it’s so easy to use! Enriched with vitamin C, the cleansing water refreshes and brightens skin whilst getting rid of any signs of makeup and other pore-cloggers, as well as helping to reduce any dark spots. With ingredients such as Ferulic acid and probiotics, the cleanser will also help to protect skin from environmental damage. 

4. Nars, Soft Matte Complete Foundation, £28.

Yes, you read that right, a foundation that can protect your skin from environmental damage! Nars’ new Soft Matte Complete foundation is built with anti-oxidation complex which helps prevent colour shifting whilst protecting the skin from pollution and blue light damage. The foundation gives a high coverage, smooth matte finish but simultaneously hydrates the skin for a perfected look. Available in 34 shades, this foundation is such a perfect step to add into your makeup routine.  

5. Dr.Jart, Cicapair Tiger Grass Colour Correcting Treatment, £12-£36.

Restore your skin with this colour correcting treatment from Dr.Jart, perfect for treating blemishes, reducing redness and strengthening skin. This green treatment will transform into beige when it hits the skin, providing a layer of SPF30 to protect from UV light, as well as forming a dust barrier to protect from environmental stressors. The cream is available in a 15ml version (£12) or 30ml (£36) and is a perfect addition to your skincare routine.

Written by Claudia Rowthorn