Mani Monday: these nail designs are trending right now

Mix things up and add a bit of sass to your nails. Theres so many gorgeous and inventive ways to show your personality through are. Every nail lover can agree that choosing just one style or colour is one of the hardest decisions. These 5 trends will defiantly make your decisions easier.

Turn up the heat with these fire tips. Who wants a basic manicure after seeing this hot design? Why not experiment with different colours, use orange for the flame and yellow for the base. If you want to try this look at home all you will need is 2 colours and a thin nail brush to drag out the flames.

Stay home and save lives. Nail Techs are using their platforms to inform others how important it is to stay at home. The hashtag #NHSnails will show you many more designs of people that are supporting the NHS, through nail designs. You can recreate this look at home by ordering nail stickers.

You can never have too many colours on your nails. The rainbow tip has been trending in 2020. Another way to jazz up your basic manicure. This is a perfect summer nail, bright, colourful and happy. You will not be missed with these nails

The Butterfly. This cute design has been trending fast. Many people have been catching on this creative trend. Personally this is my favourite trend out of the 5 as its so simple yet funky. If you want to try this at home you can buy nail stickers and cut the butterfly in half.

The last trending design is the 2 pointy nails and the rest coffin. Who’s says you have to pick one shape for you hands. Why not be different and pick two of your favourites. If you are daring why not have each finger a different shape or switch up the coffin shape for an oval. This look is simple yet effective, switches up a basic set of acrylics and will defo make you stand out from the rest.

Written by Lillie Malone.