6 Simple Skincare Steps You Need To Follow For Your Winter Glow

Believe it or not, winter is approaching fast and your skin is itching for that summer glow. With cold temperatures, very little sun and not being able to go outside as much as we’d like this is proving rather difficult. Grab a hot chocolate and have a read of some simple skincare steps and products you need to follow to achieve your inner glow this winter.


Probably the simplest but almost the most effective skincare tip you ever need to follow. Drinking lots of water is essential, especially in the colder months where your skin is just that little bit drier and is looking for that extra bit of moister. Your skin will thank you for drinking lots of water, it keeps it hydrated, soft and moisturised. It needs water as much as you do! To spice things up over these festive months, why not try having some infused teas, this is a great way of getting that extra bit of water your skin needs, in a tastier more festive way.


Investing in a good cleanser is essential in the winter months. Cheap cleansers can contain harsh chemicals on your skin that may cause more dryness, and this is not what you need, especially in winter months. Ingredients in some oil-based cleansers can contain alcohols and some fragrances that will strip back the natural oils and moister within the skin. A cream-based cleanser will help lock in moister to your skin whilst taking off your makeup from the day as well. 

For dry sensitive skin, winter can be harsh. A cleanser that is highly recommended for this would be the Simple ‘Purifying Cleansing Lotion’. Made with the perfect blend of gentle cleansers, multi-vitamins, and skin loving ingredients, this Simple cleansing lotion is kind on even the most sensitive skin. Their cleansing lotion is vegan, as well as free-from colour, perfume and harsh chemicals that could upset your skin especially in winter.


Exfoliating may be the last of your worries in winter and may sound like the worst thing to do for dry skin, however I promise this will change your skin game and give you the soft looking skin you’re seeking for. Not only will it take the dry, dead skin cells off, it will also help regenerate new, fresh ones. 

A good skin scrub/exfoliator you need to get your hands on this winter is the Ole Hendricken ‘Transforming Walnut Scrub’. It comes in a rich base, which easily foams up so that it still feels like a gentle buff. Over 1,000 Sephora fans gave this cleanser a five-star review so this is one of the best scrubs you could buy for your face this winter.


Choosing your products carefully is essential this winter. The best way to give your skin a little bit of TLC in the colder months is moisturiser, this is going to be your best friend. This year has been tough for all of us, and skincare is a way to relax and unwind from the day, so by giving your skin a bit of extra loving and making it super soft this winter, your skin will thank you.

The Liz Earle ‘Skin Repair Cream’ is perfect for dry skin and will allow your skin to breathe but be moisturised all day. With a luxuriously creamy texture, this rich, plant-powered moisturiser locks in moisture and deeply hydrates to restore balance to the skin when it feels dry. Offering 72 hours of intensive hydration, and enriched with nourishing shea butter to intensely replenish, alongside a blend of moisturising borage oil, avocado oil to smooth and soften, soothing echinacea, toning ingredients and natural source vitamin E. All the ingredients you need to feel moisturised.


Normally we reach for SPF in the summer, however it is just as important in the winter. The harmful UV rays from the sun can create wrinkles and age the skin, even in the horrible English cloud, the rays can still get through. Opt for a moisturiser with SPF of around 30 and make sure to put this on before makeup and take it down the neck. If you decide to go skiing within the winter season applying sun cream every two hours is essential. No wrinkles here! 

The best product to protect your skin from the harmful rays and still leave it feeling glowy and moisturised is the KHIEL’S ‘Ultra Face Cream’. With 24-hour protection, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream is perfect for long days and nights and even keeps skin fresh and hydrated on long haul flights, in harsh winter weather and in air-conditioned offices, and even protects against the sun.


Skincare can be the last of your worries in the winter but giving it a bit of TLC can do you the world of good, and leave you glowing even in the gloomy months. A facemask is not only a great way to look after your skin but is also a way of completely unwinding and relaxing at the same time, which I think is something we all need this year! Choose yourself a nourishing and moisturising mask that will be sure to bring out your inner glow, leave it on whilst you watch some festive favourites and let it do its magic.

The Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask’ by the Body Shop is going to be the best one to bring out your glow. Made with bamboo charcoal from the Himalayan foothills, green tea leaves and a little Community Fair Trade tea tree oil, this charcoal clay mask is a powerful little pot of goodness to help unclog pores, giving you that fresh feeling all day long.