7 Weird but Wonderful Beauty Hacks


All the secret tips and tricks that you need for a flawless full glam, these life hacks will become a key part of your everyday routine. 

1. Soap brows

Were all so obsessed with Brow lamination, but not so obsessed with so hers a cheap and quick alternative. To get your eyebrows in a free-flowing but placed alignment all you need is your spoolie, a priming or fixing spray and a clear soap. The pears are recommended as its only £00.99p in high street shops like savers and Superdrug. Lather the soap with the spray mix in the spray on top of the soap with the spoolie until a thin layer is formed on the brush, then use spoolie to swipe through the eyebrow hair in an upwards direction to get the laminated effect. To set this in place and allow to last all day tap into place using finger removing any access soap on eyebrows. Eyebrows will be left in place set and crisp, you can add any product before or after if you wanted a fuller brow. 

Available from superdrug.

2. Glasses Mark

Would prefer to have smooth finished skin without a glasses mark engraving into your skin makeup? Not only should you prime your face with a face primer to start your routine, but you should also now add a thin layer of eyeshadow primer before any foundation or concealer. This creates the perfect prepped surface to not let your base smudge or transfer onto glasses, sunglasses or even a face mask! Always remember to finish and lock in your makeup with a setting spray and translucent powder for best results and durability. See below for our recommended setting spray’s! 

eye shaddow primer
Available from Superdrug.

3. Faux Freckles

We’re all fantasising over cute natural freckles, however not all of us are blessed with them. Here’s an easy life hack to achieve these freckles that stay for at least 5 days. All you need if your face moisturiser, any fake tan and a stippling brush. Wash and moisturise your face to have a clean and prepped base for best results. Take a pea-sized amount of moisturiser onto a wipable surface and mix in a pump of fake tan until it’s blended into a smooth texture. Use a clean stippling brush pick up the new texture and simply tap onto the desired area creating these petite freckles. Leave for as long as the fake tan says then wash off for a natural finish and there you have some pretty faux freckles. Remember to wipe and remove the excess leftover product to avoid any random fake tan splodges! 

fake tan freckle
Morphe cosmetic has a varied selection on stippling brushes for a reasonable price, available at BEAUTYBAY.COM

4. Triple it up

If you’ve found your go-to shade this is the hack for you! Using one shade and only that one shade to build a put together final makeup look. that could be from a lipstick, eyeshadow, bronzer or blusher. To make a product into a cream product you will just need vaseline, take loose pigments and mix into a dab of vaseline to create a cream version of the shade this could be used on lips or face. And to take a cream/liquid product simply take a translucent powder and mix the products together this will need to take time to mix together, doing this on the back of your hand will allow ease of application and less mess. Matching up your eyeshadow, lips and blusher, or bronzer creates a warm put-together look that is commonly seen on the catwalk. 


5. Acne be gone

Fed up of forehead spots? Head and shoulders have got you! As weird as it sounds a key ingredient, selenium, in the anti-dandruff shampoo targets fungal acne what are the small bumpy spots that are commonly found on the forehead. Simply apply pea size amount of shampoo onto the forehead and rub in leave this for 5 minutes then wash off just like you would for any face mask! If you suffer from sensitive skin this is not advised, but a handy trick if you want to tackle that unwanted texture sat on your skin! 

Head and shoulders can be found in most supermarkests and drugstores for less than £3.00! 

head n shoulders
Available from Boots.

6. Hair hacks you need

Dreaming of luscious long locks but perhaps your hair is extremely damaged from heat, bleach and not caring for your hair? Here’s a couple of tips and tricks that will switch up the game for you. Tip number one is to always use a heat protectant on your hair, this is vital when using heat directly to your locks.Vo5, Tresemme and John Frieda all have guaranteed protection in their products, not just this but they’re also easily accessible from being sold in supermarkets and drugstores. 

To avoid ripping your hair out, when hair is wet/damp only use your fingers and hands to run through and initially detangle, using a comb or hairbrush commonly rips and tears clumps of hair out of your scalp without even noticing. 

For extreme hair growth grab yourself a bag of rice and simply soak in cold water drain rice but make sure you keep the water that the rice was soaked in and pour into a sprayable container. Use this rice water and massage into the roots leave for 30-1hr then rinse off and shampoo hair. By doing this creates your hair to feel thicker, fuller, more manageable, and over time encourages your hair to grow due to the ingredient inositol that is in rice water.

Olaplex is available on lookfantastic.com

7. Silky shave

After a smooth and silky skin that glides into your pj’s don’t you worry, we’ve got you with the ultimate shaving products you need on your shower shelf. We can all admit to becoming a bit lazy when it comes to exfoliating and scrubbing however you need to bring this back, it’s as simple as putting together household products sugar and honey together then rubbing in circular motions into the skin. Our fave Kylie Jenner has released her body scrub part of her kylieskin collection, this scrub is a coconut and kiwi infused scrub that will have you feeling and smelling like a dream! 

Now its time for the weirdness, use your ordinary hair conditioner onto your skin, rubbed in a thin layer, for the smoothest shave use a clean razor and shave in the direction your hair grows in. Using your hair conditioner softens the hair making it less resistant and also creating the razor to glide along your skin seamlessly. once out the shower/bath dry off yourself and remember to moisturise your skin to maintain the silkiness. 

Available via drugstores/supermarkets .