A Guide to Crystal Rollers

Crystal rollers and Gua Shas are the latest viral beauty trend taking over social media. They’ve become exceptionally popular on TikTok, with users sharing their transformations having added these products into their skincare routine.

So, how do you use them?

Crystal Rollers

Crystal face rollers work by massaging the skin, which boosts circulation, much in the same way as when we work out our bodies. Face rolling allows to tone the muscles in your face. This increases blood flow in the face, which increases collagen and skin elasticity. This provides the face with a plump, youthful, and glowing appearance. You can also use face rollers alongside serums and face products as it helps them to absorb better.

Where to buy:

Available from Beauty Bay (£9.60)

Gua Sha

Gua Sha’s work by massaging the skin, allowing the muscles to relax in the face. By dragging the gua sha in upwards movement around the face, the skin becomes lifted and firm, giving the appearance of a face lift. They also aid lymphatic drainage, releasing toxins and giving the face a much slimmer appearance.

Where to buy:

Available from LUX SKIN (£10.00)