All you need to know about Hair Slugging

By Holly Evans

Introducing ‘Hair Slugging’ the upcoming take-on the TikTok beloved viral skincare trend ‘Skin Slugging’, primarily focusing on restoring hydration to the skin. 

Based on the Korean skincare technique that leaves your complexion plump, radiant and conditioned, the latest obsession sees the same method applied to the hair. 

To simplify the trend, hair slugging comprises using heavily hydrating treatments to your nightly haircare routine to lock in the moisture, then wrapping your hair to protect it during sleep. And then once washed, the hair will be nourished.

Women are recently seeing changes to the dry and lacklustre tresses, due to the uncertainty of humidity alterations between the seasons. As summer begins to approach, hydration is among needed to restore the hair, using lightweight oils to strengthen and secure moisture.

This process of hair care is also very beneficial for dyed, heat-damaged hair or those with thick or frizzy hair. Hair slugging the ends of the hair with light oil should work for most hair types, however slugging with heavier oils may not be beneficial for thinner hair, since the excess product could weigh the hair down if not rinsed the following day.

There are two alternatives for this hair hack, with different durations for suiting busy weekdays or lazy weekends. Or for different results, with the quick method, to minimise frizz, reduce knots and add shine to the hair. The longer method, will further nourish, condition, and hydrate the hair. 

The first method is to use a lightweight oil that doesn’t need to be washed out the next day. You brush the hair, disperse about two-to-four drops of the oil, rubbing it between the palms and then comb your fingers from the middle of the hair to the end tips. Then, wrap it in a large sock, a pillow or an old t-shirt and secure it with a scrunchie, and sleep in it overnight. 

The second technique, for the ultimate results, is to apply a heavier oil (argon, coconut, and castor etc) from the roots to end tips and then apply a hair mask on top. Once applied, secure the hair with a scrunchie, and wrap it. Then in the morning, rinse all the products out the hair.