Are beauty bars a new game-changer for sustainable beauty?

When we think of beauty, we think clean, however, is the industry all that clean when it comes to sustainability? The production of plastic leaves a huge mark on the carbon footprint, creating an impact on our climate and global warming. Research has found that over 56% of people in Britain don’t recycle their bathroom products because of the inconvenience. These small changes of swapping out some of your usual bottled products in your beauty regime can do the world of good for the planet.

So what are beauty bars?

Beauty bars are a way of making hair and body care products completely liquid-free, usually coming in plastic-free packaging, they can come as deodorants, shampoo, conditioners, and exfoliants; there is a bar for everyone’s needs! Most of the ingredients are fully biodegradable, therefore they are sustainable and great for the climate.

What brands are getting involved?


Australian born brand Ethique has launched in the UK, selling everything from deodorants, haircare, face wash as well as even branching out into fake tan! They currently offer over 28 products in a range of different scents such as Orange, Lime, and Grapefruit with all the ingredients being 100% natural and ethically sourced. One bar of shampoo from Ethique is the equivalent of 3 bottles all packed into one, therefore less waste is being used. The brand has recently brought out a whole cleaning range in bar forms, with all you needing to do is add water.– you can shop all Ethique’s products here


Lush is currently selling hair and body products as well as makeup and serums in solids to make your life hassle-free as well as being a great alternative for taking on holidays. Lush has always been 100% vegetarian, ethical, and stands against animal testing. A genius product they have brought out is solid fragrances, these are great to chuck in your handbag without worrying about leakage and a quick boost throughout the day.– You can browse all of Lush’s products here


Garnier has recently released a line of shampoo bars to cater to different hair types coming in a range of scents including coconut, honey, oat, and ginger. They claim to last over 2 months, therefore, need replacing a lot less than a regular bottled shampoo. The bar is 94% plant-based, meaning it is nearly all biodegradable, as well as being packaged with recyclable cardboard, overall using 70% less fossil fuel to make the entire bar than a regular bottled shampoo. 

To use, lather the bar onto your hair like a bar of soap, using as much as you desire, before rinsing out with water.

The bars will be available exclusive to Boots online and offline, retailing for £7.99 a bar, to hopefully expand to more stores in the future. – shop the range 


Glossier is now getting on the new hype of beauty bars after recently releasing an exfoliating bar, described as being a “no mess body scrub” and easy to use all compact in a bar. It contains biodegradable bamboo powder and sunflower seed oil which will also leave your skin feeling silky soft and smooth. The bar retails at £12 on the Glossier website which you can purchase here

So will you be swapping out your typical bottled products for a beauty bar?

Written by Lucy Sanders