Ava’s Beauty Bible: Brow lamination

Just like fashion, make up is constantly going in and out of trends. Recycling old ones and discovering new ones, trends are an easy way to differentiate between the years and the seasons. Going from the thin, overly plucked brows to the perfectly sculpted and concealed brows, we just can’t seem to make our minds up. However, the time for bushy brows is here, so jump on the latest brow trend.

Thin, straight, curved and arched. Brows have been through it all. The most recent trend for brows that has lasted a while, is ombre brows. Faking the appearance of a fade from the start of the brows to the darker end of the brow, proved to be very popular. However ombre brows are now cancelled, fluffy natural brows are the way forward! Those blessed with thick, dark eyebrows can finally have their time and put the tweezers down.

Brow lamination is a process that involves making your eyebrows look thicker and fuller. Taming and softening the hairs to allow them to feather upwards, giving off a natural and effortless look. It is a painless procedure similar to a LVL (lash lift). Since the likes of Cara Delevingne came onto the scene with her statement brows, we have had serious brow envy and this is just the answer! With little maintenance, these brows can last up to 8 weeks. The process takes between 45 minutes to an hour and preferences are taken into account in terms of colour, or if you want to tone down the fluffiness slightly.

With other procedures on the market such as microblading, brow lamination is definitely the cheaper and less painful option. If you are wanting to test out the new look before committing to something more permanent, then using an eyebrow spoolie with soap and brushing upwards through the hairs can give you a good idea of how your brows might look once the brow lamination is done.

With summer finally here, this new effortless brow trend has become even more popular. The beauty of being able to wake up, quickly brush through the new, bushy brows and being ready to go is a major attraction to the procedure. Save time and money with the this new alternative.

By Ava Monaghan.