Ava’s Beauty Bible: Euphoria’s most iconic makeup looks

Euphoria is the TV series that everyone is talking about. The show is packed with teen dramas, from boys to discovering identities to trauma, this show covers it all. It is known for it’s out of the ordinary, creative makeup looks and has kick started a new trend in makeup. With season 2 of Euphoria being announced and release dates being discussed, what better time to take a look back at some of the most iconic makeup looks the show has blessed us with? 

This look on Zendaya speaks for itself. The makeup is not something that is seen on a usual day to day basis, but boy do we wish it was. The glitter really makes her eyes pop and stand out against her dark features. The chrome colour is a perfect representation of the Euphoria signature look.

This next look was posted on the official Euphoria Instagram. The gems on this look make it so extra, instead of adding a few to compliment the eyeshadow, the gems are the main focus and the shadow is just there to compliment them and emphasise the contrast. This look is another signature look due to the sparkles and chrome look it gives off.

Going for a slightly more tame look, this pastel vibe is everything. Outlining the shape of the eye is something that you see a lot on the show, whether it be with eyeliner, shadow, gems or glitter. Euphoria actress Hunter is matching the look perfectly with her pastel lilac hair. By using the lighter colour on the inner corner, it makes the eye appear bigger and also gives the illusion of a cat eye.

There is nothing subtle about this look, which is why we are obsessed! If you aren’t one to love the spotlight, maybe this look is not for you. By recreating this iconic, statement look you are certified to turn heads. This look became so iconic that a filter was made to give users a go at having the dramatic eyes. The running theme of chrome and sparkles is still very much there, proving why this is one of the most talked about makeup looks from Euphoria.

Another look posted by the official Euphoria Instagram page and we can see why its one of their faves. A heavy, eyeshadow look using block colours, topped off with a lighter colour on the inner corner is another classic. This look isn’t quite as extravagant as the others but is iconic nonetheless. The no makeup look on her face is a complete contrast to the heavy shadow but thats what makes it so unique and it fits in with the overall look of the characters in the series.

Try out these iconic makeup looks from Euphoria if you are feeling brave and get ready to turn some heads.

By Ava Monaghan