Ava’s Beauty Bible: Everything you need to know about HD brows and beyond

You’ve heard of laminated brows, microblading and tinting, but HD brows is the treatment that has almost everybody hooked. As we all know from looking back at the crazy brow trends over the years, brows can make or break a face. It’s important to invest in them and make sure you are giving them the professional care that they need.

The process of HD brows starts off with a consultation with your beauty therapist. This is your time to explain exactly how you want your brows in terms of shape, colour and thickness. Your brow stylist may also give their professional opinion if you’re needing some help, those trained to do HD brows know what kind of brow will compliment your face shape. The beauty of this treatment, is that it’s tailored completely to each individual and their preferences.

Once you both are crystal clear on how you want your brow transformation to look, it’s time to tint. The tint is applied on and around your brow, making sure to pick up on any surrounding hairs that can help add to the overall thickness.

Now your brows are as dark as you want them, they need to be tamed. The next step of the process is what makes this treatment stand out from the others. Your brow stylist will measure, and lightly make a mark on your face exactly where the start, arch and end of your brow should be. This ensures that your brows are even on your face, complimenting your features and that they are as symmetrical to each other as possible.  Your beauty therapist will begin to wax and shape your brows, this may be a little uncomfortable for some but when done correctly, it shouldn’t be too painful at all. 

Lay back, and let the perfectionists do their work as they remove any stray hairs. Coming in with a pair of tweezers to ensure your brows are left smooth and fresh is all part of creating your finished look. Trimming your brows, if necessary, will also be done at this point.

Its completely normal for some redness around the brow area once the treatment is finished, but there’s no need to worry because your therapist will have it covered, literally. They will be able to disguise any redness with powdered makeup if needed, after applying some soothing aloe vera gel over the area.

Before and after HD brows, done by @beautysecretssalonandspa on Instagram.

A top up for the treatment is usually required around 4-6 weeks after the initial appointment, depending on the hair growth of each individual. The next appointment you have will be much quicker as your brows will still be looking on fleek, and will just need a slight clean up to stay looking fresh.

Having seen the process behind HD brows, it is clear to see why this method is a favourite to many and why a classic shape and tint just won’t cut it anymore. The mixture of professional opinion and personal preference creates the perfect brow for you.

For best results, it’s important to leave your brows to the pros. Don’t be tempted in this time to get tweezer happy on your brows, give them the time to grow out and let the colour fade. This will make the glow up even more intense once you can get back to the salons!

By Ava Monaghan