Ava’s Beauty Bible: How to create TikTok’s most talked about hair and beauty trends

Long gone are the days we solely relied on YouTube tutorials and print magazines to fill us in on the latest beauty trends, TikTok has turned into the plug. With short, snappy and straight-to-the-point videos, it’s easy to follow and as they are popular trends, there’s hundreds even thousands of videos to watch, with real life results.

Fake tan contour

Fake tan is now multipurpose, and I’m not talking about staining your bed sheets and ruining your white clothes. This trend that started and really took off on TikTok is now being tried and tested by many. You simply get some fake tan on your contour brush and, well, contour. Buff in the tan as best you can just under the cheekbones, jawline, the bridges of your nose, temples, wherever you usually contour with your bronzer. Let the tan set and develop then wipe off with a makeup wipe and enjoy looking snatched even on your no-makeup days.

@evynmcgraw on TikTok.

Dressing gown curls

Heatless curls are the way forward. Bouncy waves without damaging your hair? Yes please. All you need to join in on this trend is the tie from your dressing gown and 2 hair ties. You place the tie over your head and separate your hair in a middle part and pull round on each side. Take a small section of your hair and start to twist it round the tie, each time adding another section of your own hair. Like a French plait. Secure the ‘plaits’ at the bottom and sleep with it in over night. Wake up in the morning, untie it and hairspray the big bouncy curls. 

@bacardibri123 on TikTok.

Face shaving

A trend I’m sure many are sceptical about. Being told shaving will make the hair grow back darker and thicker, I am certain many girls have given this trend a miss. However, with the cheap and cheerful mini face shavers, the peach fuzz is gone and you’re not left with the stubble you are probably picturing. The discreet fuzz of hair is removed, but so is the dead skin you might be missing with your skincare. You simply stretch your skin out so the area is tight, start at the top of your cheek and gently shave downwards. You are left with the smoothest base for your makeup and an overall brighter complexion.

@therealtorisecrest on TikTok.

DIY bangs

Throughout lockdown, times were tough. No hairdressers to bring our hair back to life, so on TikTok, people were taking matters into their own hands. From dying to styling to cutting, my FYP saw it all. The trend that has really stood out is cutting your own ‘bangs’. With this particular trend, I have to admit I have seen more fails than success. The technique that is used for this is to comb down the front section of your hair over your face, twist it tightly and cut it straight across, in line with the tip of your nose. Once it’s cut, you can style it and cut it to suit your preference. 

@thatpineapplegirl om TikTok.

Soap Eyebrows

Laminated brows are what’s hot right now, but for those wanting to do a quick fix, the soap eyebrows trend is perfect. You need a bar of soap, a face spray or setting spray and a spoolie. Spray the soap and make it wet, use the spoolie to mix it and make a paste. Brush your brows upwards to achieve the desired look. It makes your brows quite hard but they will stay in shape all day.

@teganfairleigh_ on TikTok.

Now time to put these trends to the test, and see if they are worth the hype.

By Ava Monaghan.