Ava’s Beauty Bible: How to fix and remove gel nails from home

It might be getting to the point now where your nails are needing some TLC. Assuming (hoping) you haven’t given in and started to pick at what’s left of your gel nails, I thought I would do some digging to help you fix or remove your gels in the correct, non damaging way. I spoke to Award-winning beauty expert Leighton Denny from LD Boutique, to find out the best way to take care of your nails at home.

Fixing chipped or cracked nails

It’s been at least a month since we have all had a pamper session from our trusty Nail Techs, so if you have been experiencing some cracks or if your gel has chipped, then here’s how to fix it without having to get rid of them completely. 

Step 1. Use a buffer to gently buff over the problem area on your nail, just like in the nail shop. Buffers are sold in Superdrug, Boots or Savers and can be found there for an affordable price. If you are looking for quality then try the Trio Buffer costing only £5 from Ld-Boutique.com.

Step 2. You are going to need some nail adhesive and apply it over the crack or chip, you will also need something to cover the crack. “Place a little bit of tissue/ or tea bag mesh over the crack and let the nail glue set.”

Step 3. Once this has dried, buff the area again and apply one more layer of adhesive.

Step 4. Let this dry again, then buff one last time, apply a base coat and add a colour matching the original to hide your DIY repair. “It should hold the crack until it grows out!”

Gel nail removal

To do this from home you will need; a nail file, 10 cotton balls or pads, acetone and tin foil. All of these items can be found in your local drug store. Acetone is in nail varnish remover, so if using that then make sure that you aren’t using an acetone free bottle, these are very common. 

Step 1. File down your nails until the shine from your gels has disappeared.

Step 2. Soak the 10 cotton balls or pads in acetone.

Step 3. Place one cotton ball on each nail so its covered, or wrap your cotton pad around the finger tip. 

Step 4. Hold these in place with some tin foil wrapped around the tip of your finger. “Wait 15 mins.”

Step 5. Remove and wipe off the gel polish with the cotton ball or pad.

“Reapply if needed.”

Now that you have enjoyed some much needed pamper time, why not keep on top of your nail care and cut and file them into shape. A sight I’m sure both you and your Nail Tech will be pleased to see.

By Ava Monaghan