Ava’s Beauty Bible: How to get lashed at home

If there’s one thing I miss, it’s getting pampered by my lash lady. That feeling when she first shows you your fluffy, flawless, fresh set is addictive and I don’t know about you, but I need my fix. Strip lashes just don’t cut it and are a pain to reapply every day, and don’t get me started on that pesky inner corner that i’m sure has let us all down at one point or another. That’s why I have been trialling the best way to give your lashes the makeover they need, and have found the perfect solution to DIY lash extensions.

If you are a first timer which I am assuming you are, then buying a lash extension kit is your best bet at achieving a salon worthy set. The kit will come with everything you need including; glue, the lashes themselves, remover, and an eyelash brush. All you will need yourself is a pair of tweezers. 

Ardell double up lashes

The individual eyelash extensions that I recommend are good quality and having done the research for myself, I can advise you confidently. The Eylure individuals come with a variety of sizes within the pack, which is important for a natural look. They also come with a strong adhesive and a special adhesive remover, however baby oil or coconut oil can be used to remove the lashes. The Ardell double up individual lashes are slightly thicker and provide a more dramatic look, the cluster of these lashes is slightly wider than the Eylure ones, making them slightly easier to work with. Ardell also offer lash trios which are the same but even wider clusters. You can mix any individuals together to make your dream lash and tailor it completely to your own eye shape.

Step 1

Remove any makeup and make sure your natural lashes are clean. Wait for them to dry and then brush them out with an eyelash brush or spoolie. These can be bought from Amazon at a really affordable price, you will want to keep a few as you will be using these throughout the next few days to help your lashes last.

Step 2

Sassi eyelash glue- a longlasting glue for lash extensions.

Place some glue on a flat surface like the plastic packaging of the lashes. You could also use some tin foil, this makes the glue last longer without drying up, which could be handy if this is your first time! The process does take a while and will take some getting used to. Let the glue get slightly tacky, as you would when applying strip lashes, while you pick the lash you want to put on the outer corner of your eye. Start with the longest first and then use the smaller lashes as you move your way into your inner corner. Pick up your chosen lash using your tweezers and dip the bottom of it in the adhesive. A little goes a long way with this glue.

Step 3

Now, close one eye and use the tweezers to place the lash on the outer corner of your closed eye. An easier way to do this if you are struggling, is to hold a mirror below and tilt your head back so your eyes are basically closed. This way, you can see where you are placing it better as you aren’t having to completely close one eye. Instead of placing the lash onto the skin just above, try to place it directly on the eyelash itself. I suggest to immediately do the same on your other eye so that you can completely copy the same pattern on both eyes. The last thing you want to do is lose count. Wonky lashes aren’t a good look!

Step 4

Depending on the lashes you are using and how wide they are, you will move to a shorter length of lash after applying roughly 3 of the longer ones to the outside. Apply 3 or 4 medium length fans to the middle of your eye and then finish with the shortest lash fans toward your inner corner. Take your time when placing them and be sure not to rush yourself, you are a beginner after all. The first time is always the most challenging but practice makes perfect! Be sure to copy this step on your other eye.

Step 5

Before and after by GlamByRoxy

Use the shorter lashes to fill in any gaps you may have left in either eye. This will make the lashes look fuller and more wispy, who wouldn’t want that? Now that your lashes are all on, let the glue set. For best results, treat these lashes how you would a fresh set from your lash lady. Don’t get your new lashes wet for at least 24 hours to ensure the glue doesn’t move and let the lash loose.

Step 6

When following these steps myself, my lashes stayed perfect for a week. After that, I was doing a few touch ups but they stayed looking fresh. Although, if you are using regular lash glue then they may last for a shorter period of time. It is important to maintain your lashes with good care. Brush them through gently every morning and evening with your spoolie, don’t apply mascara to them and try not to play with them or touch them. The best part about these DIY extensions is that if one decides to come loose or fall out, you have the facilities and now the skills to pop it back in yourself! No more walking around with a gap in your lashes until your lash lady can fit you in.

Now you can enjoy your lashes that have been brought back to life! Not only have you saved a considerable about of money, but what better time to perfect a new skill than during lockdown? Lash now and thank me later.

By Ava Monaghan