Ava’s Beauty Bible: How to make your eye colour pop

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With face masks being the new norm, it’s time for your eyes to do the talking. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still applying my lip gloss underneath, even if nobody can see it. However, now is the time to brush up on your skills and invest in the correct products to make sure your eyes are popping. Different colour shadows and liners will compliment different eye colours. Find out the best colours for you and turn heads, even with half your face covered.

The colour wheel

Take it back to basics and make use of the colour wheel. The best way to get a rough idea of what colours will work for your eye colour, is to find your shade on the wheel and look at the colour opposite. This is usually the colour that will compliment you the most. Give or take a few shades and tones depending on the simplicity of the wheel. This should give you a rough idea of what colour to start trialling on your eyes, with this guidance, you can then figure out what works best for you.

Green eyes

If you are lucky enough to have rare, green eyes, it’s just a given that you want to make sure they are seen! Following the colour wheel above, colours that would be best for your eye type are purple, burgundy and brown shades. A shimmery, almost metallic brown will catch the light and will make the green pop. Any colour with a red or purple undertone is your best bet. When going for a matte brown, make sure it’s more of a rusty tone. Using these colours, you could create a simple smoky eye with a hint of shimmer on the lid. Perfect to make those green eyes stand out from the rest.

Blue eyes

People are forever in envy of those with blue eyes. One of the best things about them is they usually do the talking themselves. With this eye colour, going over the top could detract from their mesmerising natural look. It is always best to go with more neutral tones and slightly lighter, more natural looks. Champagne works perfectly on blue eyes as it won’t distract from them, but will catch the light to draw enough attention. Using warm golds and rich browns in a subtle smokey eye is a certified winner for blue eyed beauties. If the mask comes off, another tip is to tone down the lipstick. Sticking with a nude or neutral colour will compliment the make up look much more than a bold lip, as this puts the focus elsewhere.

Grey eyes

Another rare but beautiful eye colour, and so are the looks you can create! Unlike the other colours, similar shades will actually compliment these eyes. Using metallics and silvers will bring out the colour even more. A light silver shimmer on the lid is a simple yet effective way to really make them stand out. Instead of using a white liner in the water line, try a beige for a much more natural look. This will make the eyes look bigger and much brighter without losing the intensity of the grey colour.

Brown eyes

Those blessed with brown eyes have it pretty easy, as most colours will compliment their eyes nicely. With any look you create, ensure to put a darker colour in your crease to intensify the overall look, black eye liner also is very suited to those with darker eyes. Using neutral browns and leaning towards bronze shades when it comes to shimmer, will give a simple and potentially natural look. For more of a dramatic look, try out some blue shades. Teal and turquoise will give an amazing contrast. If eyeshadow isn’t your thing why not just try pop a bit of blue in the inner corner and see the difference it makes. Coloured liner is also an interesting and different way to bring out your natural eye colour.

Hazel eyes

When it comes to hazel eyes, you have the option. You can either chose makeup shades that will bring out the brown or the green. Doing a heavy smokey eye will make the green in your eyes more subtle and delicate pinks will intensify the beautiful brown colour. If you want to try and make both colours pop, try using gold either on the lid or just in the inner corner.

Follow this guide to make sure you are being seen, even with your mask on. It’s Covid, but cute. Your eyes will never have a dull moment again.

By Ava Monaghan