Ava’s Beauty Bible: Stripe highlights- to dye or not to dye

@kyliejenner on Instagram

The two colour hair trend has made its way to the surface again. With the likes of Kylie Jenner hopping on the trend, it’s no surprise that you have been seeing it everywhere. 

Just like with fashion, history is repeating itself as this hairstyle seen on Geri Halliwell in the 90s has risen from the dead, and I am loving every minute of it.

Not only have the ‘stripes’ been trending on tiktok, influencers over on Instagram have also taken a liking. The hairstyle gives off a bold and edgy vibe and adds a bit of excitement to your overall look. The classic move for this trend is to bleach the front two parts and have the contrast of the blonde against the rest of your hair. This can be done on blondes too, just a lighter shade. But we aren’t stopping there, moving away from the blonde, I have seen many gals experimenting further and dying the front parts different colours like red or blue.

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For me, I’m loving the blonde contrast against brown hair as it frames the face perfectly and will go with any colour you choose to wear. This hairstyle known as the ‘rebellious streak’ allows you to express yourself in a way you might not have before. Its beyond a new outfit, or a fresh set of lashes. It changes the view others have on you. Having these stripe highlights gives off a vibe that you are powerful and are comfortable standing out from the crowd. Whether that is true or not, embrace your new hairstyle and become that person.

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The question is now up to you, to dye or not to dye?

By Ava Monaghan