Best beauty gifts you can give your loved ones this Christmas

Don’t know what to get your loved ones? Don’t worry, we got you covered. From skincare to makeup, budget to luxury, this list has it all.

Esarora Ice Roller (£31.83)

Esarora Ice Roller

This facial roller is different from all the other rollers on the market. Skip the Gua Sha roller and buy this for your loved ones instead, as it soothes puffiness, shrinks your pores and calms your skin. Not only is it used for skincare purposes, but it can also relieve pain and fatigue by massaging one’s eye sockets and temples. As people may have their own skincare preferences, they may have not known about the tools to help improve one’s skincare routine. All in all, this is a great product that you can gift.

Aesop Hand Wash (£55)

Aesop Duo Hand Wash set

Aesop’s products are known to be luxurious and quite expensive, which is why many people would probably not buy it for themselves. This Resurrection Hand Purifying Duo set looks both like a decor piece and a handwash, which will definitely brighten up a special someone’s Christmas. Take away their guilt from spending money on expensive hand-wash and get this for them!

Huda Beauty Set £27

Huda Beauty Set

This is the perfect gift for makeup fanatics. The set includes both an eyeshadow palette and a mini liquid matte lipstick to match. It also comes in a cute little box that you can hang on your Christmas tree. These eyeshadow shades are perfect for an everyday makeup look for those who are still learning makeup, but also can be elevated for those who love bold and unique makeup looks. 

Kiehl’s Men’s Heavy Lifters set (£77)

Kiehl’s Heavy Lifters set

Want to splurge for your man but don’t know what to get? Does he want to try out new skincare? Try the Kiehl’s Men’s Heavy Lifters set. Packaged in a delightful Christmas-designed box, this set includes 3 skincare products for anti-aging. This includes an exfoliating cleanser, moisturiser, and an eye-repair cream. This gift set saves you 15% of the actual price. 

Benefit “Glam I Am” (£13.50)

Benefit’s Glam I Am Cracker

Here is a gift that is more budget-friendly. Benefit’s Limited Edition ‘Glam I Am’ Cracker Makeup Gift Set includes 3 of Benefit’s most well-known products, but only for £13.50. They include: the They’re Real Lengthening Mascara, the Hoola Bronzer, and the Porefessional face primer. This gift is perfect for beginners in makeup who don’t know where to start.

Small Businesses to Support

If you want to support small or minority businesses but don’t know where to start, here is your chance! Gift your loved ones beauty products from these remarkable small-owned businesses. 


Afrocenchix’s Moisture Hair Set

This black-owned business has award-winning afro hair care. Not only is their hair care made of natural ingredients, but they are also ethically and sustainably sourced. You can trust this brand with your afro-hair problems, whether it be deep cleansing scalp build-up or moisturising your locks. Shop their Christmas gift sets now.

Skin Gourmet

When it comes to skin, natural is always a good way to go. This brand sources its natural skincare ingredients from Ghana. Raw, pure, and wild, their skincare products are good enough to eat. As their CEO Violet Awo Amoabeng says, “What we put in our body will end up on our skin. What we put on our skin will end up in our body”

Shop now at:

Like Skin

Like Skincare’s The Starter Pack

Like Skin is a small-owned Korean skincare business in the UK. As Asian products can be hard to find, this brand provides skincare from serums, cleansers to the very well-known sheet masks without needing much time to ship to your house. Like Skin also curates different sets from famous brands for your skin types and needs, which you can find here. Get your hands on these awesome skincare products now!

Golde Skincare

Golde’s Clean Greens Face Mask

100% vegan and natural, what more could you ask for? This brand focuses on your wellness by using superfoods as their main ingredients in their skincare or their food products. For those who don’t know what superfoods are, they are packed with nutrients, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. In summary, it’s very good for you. Shop now at:

Written by Sally Ellin