Brows, brows & more brows

Eyebrows are big and being embraced

Through the years we’ve been witness to a lot of different shapes of eyebrows, from tadpole to Instagram eyebrows. In the past few years, eyebrows shapes have been down to trends and what people think is really in that time the definition of what “goals” is for eyebrows.

With a new wave of embracing the way you are naturally really becoming more and more encouraged across all of society but especially on social media. It’s allowed for multiple things that a few years ago which most people wouldn’t have dreamt of sharing to be posted across all platforms. Such as showing stretch marks and even accentuating them by coating them in glitter.

For eyebrows we’ve started to accept that they come in all shapes and coarseness. In other words, to all the girls with thick, bushy brows now is a better time than ever for you to shine. Embrace your natural beauty that the universe bestowed upon you. They are the best brows to have at the moment. Also remember that you were so far ahead of this eyebrow style trend that you don’t even have to change what you have been doing this whole time.

Read more about this trend in Issue 11 of Carbon On Campus – (Pg 50-51)

By Jasmin Fee