Calling all beauty gurus! B&M is the place for expert-approved beauty

Carbon’s Beauty Writer Lucy Sanders has unearthed an unusual unexpected beauty treasure trove

When you think of B&M, beauty may not be the first thing to cross your mind, but maybe think again, as I have hunted and got the low down on some of the best bargain beauty finds to keep you looking flawless while saving a penny or two!

I love a spontaneous B&M trip, going in have a mooch around, and every time being amazed by the prices, building up your basket with goodies you definitely don’t need, (but definitely do need). On one trip I stumbled across the beauty aisle, and the beauty lover I am going wild, grabbing items I needed stocking upon as well as wanting to test some new products. Here is a list of items that I managed to grab hold of, which I think you definitely should too.


Now if you’re a fake tan addict like me and love to have that summer glow all year round, you will go crazy over the prices of these tanning lotions. They have stocked on St Moritz tan as well as selling a range of Velvotan mits for £1.99 in a variety of designs, one of the best fake tan mits out there, evenly gliding on your tan so it is perfectly streak-free, and you can’t go wrong with the cute patterns, can you?


Now if you’re big into your skincare, this is the product for you! A Vitamin C Brightening Serum. Sometimes serums can be pretty pricey, with a lot of us not even bothering with them most of the time. Vitamin C is ascorbic acid, this helps keep skin cells healthy and also helps to lighten hyperpigmentation and brown spots, and even out the skin tone. The packaging of this product very much reminded me of an Ole Henrikson product, which it could even be a dupe for. After using this product a few times, my skin definitely looked more radiant and evened out; I would highly recommend it at the bargain price of £2.99.


Now this Argan Oil hair treatment mask is a savor for dry, damaged, and broken hair that needs its life-restoring back into it. After shampooing your hair, leather this treatment on all over from your roots to ends and leave on for as long as you desire, the longer the better! Now rinse thoroughly out in the shower. With the treatment infused with Argan and Moroccan Oil, your hair will be looking and feeling glossy, healthy, and shiny. What more could you want your hair to be?


Now, this may a bit of a random one to some people, but have you ever heard of a makeup fridge? That’s right, B&M is now selling mini beauty fridges for just £35! All your loved beauty essentials can be kept chilled and fresher for longer. I love to put my skincare products in the fridge to then use especially in the AM, the benefits of this being that cold constricts the blood vessels which will deflate any puffiness in the skin, as well as helping to tackle any fine lines and wrinkles. The best feeling is, it will also make you feel much more awaked and fresh all the time, ready for the day and night. The mini-fridge is the best place to keep all your moisturizers, eye creams, toners, and facial sprays chilled. It also says it “doubles up as a handy beer cooler”, the possibilities are endless!

Written by Lucy Sanders