Curls, Curls, Curls

There are countless amounts of hair types, textures, and colours in the world. It is understandable for me to say that some hairstyles are easier than others to manage (and that’s coming from experience). As a child I HATED my hair, I struggled to manage it and felt as if there were limited styles that I could use in my hair. Growing up I realised that I’m not the only one with thick, frizzy, curly hair and that there are specific brands that do counter for people like me.

I am going to share with you my top drug-store products that cater well for people with curly hair.

  1. Twisted Sister conditioner and de-frizz spray

These products can be purchased from any drugstore nearby. Each product that they sell retail at less than £10. I’d recommend these products to anyone who is looking to maintain their hair better and gain there curls back. Since using these products I have noticed that my hair has got longer, stronger, and healthier.

2. Cantu conditioner

This brand is one that I can guarantee everybody uses on curly hair. It is cheap, yet good quality and the brand supplies countless amounts of products. Again, you can purchase these from any drug store nearby from hair masks, to sprays they have EVERYTHING you need to maintain your curls.

3. Lush hair mask

Now this product is quite hidden in the market as it doesn’t get the promotions it needs! This product would be the first id rec commend to anyone who is trying to treat their curls. It smells amazing and leaves your hair in the best condition. I got this once as a gift when I was a child and haven’t stopped using it since. My advice to you? Get it.

Everybody should feel confident in their curls.

By Lauren Burger

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