No Gym? No Problem! Top tips for staying active at home

Dani B

guidance for staying active during self isolation

During self-isolation it is important to stay healthy and keep active while the gyms and fitness classes are a no go! It doesn’t mean that you have to cut your workouts down or not exercise at all, as you can still workout from home. It’s just a case of setting up your very own self-isolation fitness plan you can follow at home without worrying about not having accesses gym equipment. 

Personal Trainer – Dani B explains all you need to know about exercising at home.

We spoke to personal trainer Dani B who gave us some top tips on staying active during self-isolation.

Dani told Carbon: “Self-isolation is something none of us have known in our lifetime. Drastic change to not just a few days of our lives (which is manageable) but for the ‘foreseeable future’ is scary. ONE thing for sure is that it will leave us feeling out of sorts, so get yourself back in place by starting with a routine to keep not only your mind active but also your body too. Stay-at-home exercise is a great way to develop a routine that engages your mind and body without having to invest in masses of equipment”

Create a healthy new routine – First thing, get a routine together – like any habit you try to change or give up, it’s going to feel uncomfortable and weird. So the best thing you can do at the outright is start getting together a new routine in place. Make a plan every Monday morning for what your week looks like. This could be, wake up with 15 minutes of stretching. Breakfast and then study. Go for a 30 minute walk or run at lunch and then either relax or have a small HiiT session in the evening.  Aim to move everyday then try to do work out for 30 minutes, three times a week.

Yoga and pilates are a great way to keep yourself moving – just 20 minutes stretching helps you feel good! There are loads of great channels from Yoga with Adrienne, Caroline Inspired to Cat Meffan which publish free online classes.

HiiT or high intensity interval training is a super easy way to keep your training up. Choose 6-8 exercises and do each for 12-15 reps. Complete each exercise back to back, rest for 1-2 minutes and then repeat it all again 3 times. 20 minutes of work = a good sweat on! 

Some great moves are squats, planks, press ups, burpees, tricep dips, lunges and leg raises.

Dancing is a great way to exercise if you don’t want to feel like you’re working out and will help pass the time if you’re looking for a way to keep entertained whilst self-isolating. Whether you want to create your own routine or learn some choreography from a specific dance,  you can burn btween 200-400 calories with just half an hour of dancing. 

So your body is moving, but what are you doing to keep your mind sane? Look at programmes like Headspace for free meditation and try to spend 5-10 minutes everyday just relaxing and switching off from the madness – think about you, what you want to achieve, how great you are and what will be absolutely awesome once this is over. Start a journal and write it down. 

Whilst all big gyms and Instagram talent are offering great online programmes for free, don’t forget about your local community who are going above and beyond to offer additional support and advice. Not only will they help you keep moving, you will be helping to motivate small, local businesses who are giving their all to keep everyone fit, healthy and exercising! 

Dani is offering free tutorials on exercise during self isolation so for any questions on technique follow her on Instagram @danibtraining or go to her website to find out more information –

Written By Atlanta Wilson