DIY Beauty: do you fancy being a cosmetic chemist at home for the day? Here’s what we think you should know…

Written by Madiy Warner

The rise in sustainability and zero-waste trends is so empowering to see as the future of our planet depends on it. One of the most popular avenues in the beauty industry is DIY Beauty which is where people make their own lotions and potions at home.

Biteable Beauty

It seems like a fun and easily accessible pastime, particularly at the moment with lots of us being stuck indoors for much more time than ever before. In theory, this great as ingredients are often easy to get hold of, simple formulas are easy to make and less waste is being created. However, it appears that there may actually be some risks involved that it is good to be aware of. 

Allergens seem to be the most common downside to making products at home. Essential oils are fantastic and have so many benefits including relaxation and stress relief, but they have been shown to be an irritant when applied directly to the skin. When they are included in a retail product, they have been diluted down and the products have been formulated in a way to prevent them from causing a reaction on the skin. 

But when we are using them in our own DIY formulas, it is common to use too much which then poses a higher risk of reaction. People often don’t realise that essential oils have these risks associated because they are derived from plans so deemed safe.


Another great potential of making your own products at home is that it can be extremely cost effective, particularly if you create a product formula that you like as you can then create a larger quantity in bulk. 

The risk when doing this is that preservatives are not as easy to get hold of and are often forgotten about which will affect how long the product will be useable for as the role of a preservative in a formulation is to keep it stable and to prevent it from going bad. So it may be sensible to only make a small amount at a time and then keep making it as and when you run out to prevent from having a nasty surprise if the product goes off quicker than you expected!

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DIY Beauty is so much fun, just remember to do it safely as we would love for you to tag us in your DIY creations, not disasters!