Everything you need to know about Boots new Vitamin C skincare range

If your into your skincare you would have most definitely heard of Vitamin C, and why it’s currently the most sought-after ingredient in skincare. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant, it also helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as brightening and keeping skin plump. And now for as little as £4, you can join the hype too (but affordably) with the new Vitamin C range by Boots. This collection includes a cleanser, eye gel, moisturiser, and a sleep mask. As students, we are always on the hunt for good quality and affordable products, so this range seemed like the perfect excuse to head down to Boots. 

Cleanser – Vitamin C Brightening Gel 

This refreshing cleanser deeply cleanses skin and helps reduce excess oils. This product would best suit people with combination-oily skin as this deep cleansing product would be too intense and stripping for someone with more sensitive skin.

With a light citrus scent using this cleanser is a great way to help wake up you and your skin up in the morning. 


Eye Gel – Vitamin C Brightening Eye Gel 

This product as well as the whole range reminded me of the popular Ole Henriksen’s Truth collection, even down to the bright orange packaging and white lids. The biggest difference between the two is the obvious price gap. This eye gel however, similar to the Ole eye cream is refreshing and lightweight. It also claims to reduce the appearance of dark circles (with all the uni work buliding up, this is certaintly needed). 


Moisturising Cream – Vitamin C Brightening Moisturising Cream 

This was by far one of my favourite products of the range, this moisturiser hydrates and radiates skin, giving your skin a healthy, plumped, and refreshed look. With the price point of £4, it’s hard to find any negatives about this one. 


Sleep Mask – Vitamin C Brightening Sleeping Mask 

Applied generously to the face and neck, this mask is worn throughout the night and doesn’t ruin your pillowcases. In the morning you just rise off with water revealing your fresh and almost brand new skin. This one is a keeper for those cold winter nights. 


Worth Buying?

Overall I believe this range is worth buying, vitamin C is a great ingredient to invest in especially during the cold winter when our skin is definitely in need of some TLC. I wouldn’t however recommend the cleanser for anyone who suffers from dry or sensitive skin, but instead, pick up the mask and moisturiser. The orange packaging is hard to miss, so when your next in your local Boots make sure to check these out. 

All these products retail in Boots and Boots Online, these products can also be bought together as a bundle for only £12, which would be £16 if bought separately. What a bargin!