Ever heard of face mapping? Here’s how it’ll help combat spots

When you have a spot, your skin might be trying to tell you something. Whether you’ve been covering your pimples with makeup or trying to rid them with spot creams, You’ve possibly overlooked crucial details that your skin is trying to tell you.

By seeing where the spots are appearing on your face this can help determine how to get rid of them simply by using face mapping.

Why do you get spots on your forehead?

This area is probably breaking out because of your diet and irregular sleep patterns. Unfortunately for those of us who love a late-night burger after a night out, eating foods that are packed with saturated fats such as deep-fried food, will result in spots on your forehead. Drinking more water and keeping hydrated is often expected to help with pimples on your forehead.

Why do you get spots on your nose?

So spots here are typically the result of beauty products and dirt build-up. Ensure to clean your make up brushes frequently and purify your face each night to prevent outbreaks. Poor diet, indigestion and poor blood circulation can also be the cause of spots in this area. To get rid of the spots on your nose, replace fatty foods with vegetables, fruit and fish high in Omega and reduce your dairy and alcohol intake. 

Why do you get spots on your cheeks?

The chances are your phone is the culprit, or more accurately the millions of bacteria that are all over the screen.Think of it, you handle it all day, put it down on numerous surfaces and keep it in your handbag. It can also be down to eating too much sugar, dairy and meat. Stress or respiratory problems could also contribute.

Why do you get spots on your mouth & chin?

This area is mostly linked to hormones, so if you’re ovulating or stressed, Most likely, you’ll break out in this area. Make sure you’re drinking lots of water and getting enough sleep.

By Sabreen Ebrahim