Lock-down: Haircuts at home

As barbers and hairdressers remain closed many of us will be tempted to give ourselves a haircut with our kitchen scissors.

Making it through the next few weeks, even months without our regular appointments is going to be tough. Lucky for us, Michael Van Clarke who has 25 years worth of experience, shares all his top tips and tricks for us to use at home.

The dos and don’ts

Michael Van Clarke explains that using the right equipment for your hair type is important, flat brushes and round brushes with short bristles are easiest. When it comes to the hairdryer, chuck the nozzle! Unless you have extremely thick hair. This is because the nozzle only focuses the heat on one part of the hair causing more damage than good. After you have washed your hair this is the best time to comb through oil, this tames frizz leaving you with a sleek finish.

Since we are in a lock-down, we have plenty of time on our hands this is the best time to practice sectioning your hair. Start slanting section by section down around the hairline. Lift sections high at an angle to the scalp to create volume whilst you are blow drying.

The key tip is to dry 98 percent of your hair and let it air dry for the rest of the day.

Michael Van Clarke

Do not try and cut your hair at home, especially a fringe! Hairdressing scissors are extremely sharp and balanced to cut through hair. Kitchen scissors don’t come close. Wait until lock-down is over and you can get to the hairdressers. Stick a hairband on and make do during this time. We have had ’90’s retro back in trend, so maybe now it’s time for the glam rock and hippy hairstyles of the ’60’s and ’70’s to make an appearance to the modern day. Still thinking of giving yourself that haircut at home?

Just stick a headband on and make it ‘fashun!!’

What about root touch ups?

There are plenty of options available to buy online and get them delivered to your door. L’Oreal Paris have a Magic Root Cover up spray, currently available in eight different shades. It works in a matter of seconds. You might as well give a new tone or colour a go if you’re feeling brave! Do this by purchasing a semi-permanent colour. Lock-down is the best time to experiment with new colours because you don’t have to see anyone for the next few weeks or even months if it goes terribly wrong!