7 Healthy Gin Benefits

You many not think that alcoholic drinks are healthy, but when it comes to drinking gin the benefits out way the harmful side effects. Are you ready for those spring summer months? When searching for an alcoholic drink can be difficult.  You then realise that one special drink can be what you’re looking for is Gin.

“did you know gin is one of the lowest calorie alcoholic drink”

Have you ever wanted to lose weight, but are you always worried about how many calories are in alcoholic drinks? THEN GIN IS THE ANSWER FOR YOU! It doesn’t matter what gin you chose to drink there is always a variety of flavour you can never get bored off and when you do pick that certain brand/flavour like Gordon’s pink gin it will always has less then 110 calories in a 25 ml shot. 

“would rather drink a healthy drink or live with liver damage”

Have you ever struggled with your digestive system? You drink one slip of alcohol and it reacts negative to your body. they why not try gins with juniper berries in. These berries help to break done your food enzymes making it less potent for people how have issue digestive condition as it help to reduce inflammation in your body.

“fed up looking like a balloon, why not try gin and tonic”

Have you even gotten severely bloated when drinking alcohol, causing you to leave early on a night out as your in too much pain? Then why not try drinking gin with juniper berries that helps to reduce water retention by reducing the inflammation and urination issues when drinking on a night out

“gin for joints”

Have you always suffered with severe joint pain and rheumatism and normal remedies the doctor gave to you didn’t work? why not try soaking your body in juniper berry or gin raisins to help reduce the inflammation. even if this doesn’t work a simple glass of gin with juniper berries may solve your problem. 

“cough, cough, gin is here”

Have you ever suffered from that annoying cough that doesn’t go away and even with medicine, nothing seems to work? Did that the juniper berries in gin helps relieve cough due to the oils eliminating mucus in your throat.  

“bad skin, gin is in”

Have you ever worried about your bad skin and the way it looks? Did you know that the antioxidant in gin helps to reduce wrinkles and boost your skins complexion by making it glow and look healthier? 

“hey, gin fever is here”

have you ever experienced hay fever in the summer month and cannot find a solution to reduce your symptoms? Why not try drinking gin during when you’re at your most susceptible to symptoms as it releases antihistamine into you blood stream making your summer month easier when suffering from hay fever and asthma.

Written by Atlanta Wilson