Hemp and CBD are oils to have in our beauty regime – but how do they work?

It’s time to meet your new secret beauty weapon. 

Hemp and CBD oils are the new ingredients that have the beauty industry talking, the sudden buzz over these ingredients has seen both luxury and drugstore brands bringing out their own ranges featuring Hemp and CBD. What makes these unlikely ingredients so worth the hype?

What is CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is oil sourced from a cannabis plant. Don’t worry! you won’t be getting in any trouble from this ingredient as CBD oil doesn’t contain enough tetrahydrocannabidiol (which is a complicated name for the chemical that is mostly responsible for the psychological effects in cannabis). 

What are the beauty benefits of CBD?

Scientific research has shown a vast range of benefits of using CBD in your beauty regime, these include:

-Healing acne, reducing redness, and inflammation 

-Reduces signs of ageing 

-Keeps skin hydrated 

-It also includes tons of antioxidants

What is Hemp oil? 

The diffrence between hemp and CBD oil is that CBD comes from leaves, flowers and the stalk of a hemp plant wheras hemp oil is retrived by pressing hemp seeds. Each has a variety of diffrent health benefits, hemp oil can be used for cooking, skincare, nails, and haircare.

What are the beauty benefits of hemp oil? 

-Minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 

-Moisturises dry skin and balances out oily skin 

-Does not clog pores 

-Prevents hair breakage and damage

Where to buy CBD and Hemp oil?

On a short trip to my local Boots, I came across several different brands that all now sell products containing CBD or hemp oil (at affordable prices too), as well as Boots and other drugstores I also found ranges in the Bodyshop and of course online stores. 

Products to try :

HEMP- heavy-duty face protector

£8.50 (Available at The Body Shop)

A thick and creamy moisturiser to rehydrate dry skin, a perfect face cream to help battle the upcoming winter.


 CBD – Revolution CBD Tonic

£10 (Available at Boots)

Soothing toner, paired with tea tree extract to purify the skin. 


HEMP- Herbal Essences Bio: Renew Sulfate-Free Shampoo With Potent Aloe + Hemp

£6 (Available at Boots)

The aloe and hemp make the perfect combination to hydrate and smooth hair of frizz. 


I’ts been a stressful 2020 for everyone, so it’s about time we gave our skin some much needed attention ready for the colder months ahead, so will you be trying out this new trend?

By Rosie Pogson