Here is everything you need to know about the new halo hair trend

halo hair

A forever trend was created this year, we’ve named it ‘halo-lights’. Inspired by Victoria Secret angels, a face-framing lighter highlight of colour to keep us zoom ready at all times.

The ring of light adds dimension volume, and lift. This handy highlighting technique provides brightness around the face even when the desired hairstyle is an up-do! The cleanness of the colour makes facial features pop, and leaves you looking fresh even on a bad hair day.

Romee Strijd – Victoria Secret Angel

“Alexa, play Halo by Beyoncé”

To achieve this look simply lighten the front 2 sections of hair to frame and lighten. It doesn’t have to be blonde, however a few shades lighter than the rest of your hair.
After speaking to my hairdresser and getting the low down on this do, she informed me that this look, like most hairstyles, can be tweaked to your preference. Using copper, caramel, and warm shades to blend to your natural hair colour but still to create the lift, or using a soft-focus light bright luminous blonde to create more of a statement look.

Where most people will suit this look, students are most likely to benefit from this the most. Referred to as the ‘zoom hairstyle’, this hairstyle ensures your face on view is popping. Even if you don’t feel it, from your classmates and lecturer’s point of view, you’re the most put together member of the team. This trend is student-friendly by being affordable and easy to maintain. You don’t need a full head each time you get your hair done but this hairstyle does give you the option to have a full head to blend and brighten if you desire. This is the colour that can translate through screens, how revolutionary.

Negin Mirsalehi – Beauty and fashion influencer

With recommended treatment times being very 6 weeks, this hairstyle is cost-effective and attainable. Only a short appointment is needed which makes it easy to squeeze in during busy periods/in-between lockdowns. For mums, less lengthy appointments are beneficial with childcare needs, but meaning you still have that essential ‘me time’. My hairdresser informed me that these treatments can take as little as up to 45 minutes, from walking in the salon door to walking out.

Whether it’s god-given, or hairdresser made, who wouldn’t want angel hair?

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By Abbie Robinson