Here’s how to get the Emily in Paris look without leaving your living room

With travel restrictions being on trend this year and nearly half of the world jumping on the bandwagon, I am here to confess that I am having serious withdrawal symptoms of not being able to travel. One of these symptoms include binge watching series, but not just any series, the Netflix Original: Emily in Paris.

If you are anything like me and are inspired by the iconic look’s scene after scene in this series and wanting to travel to Paris just to be able to get all dressed up, then you are in luck because I am here to share my secrets of how to get the Emily in Paris look to flaunt in your living room.

Most of us here are not as lucky to have Emily’s budget for her designer clothes like Christian Louboutin and Chanel (we will get there guys) but clothing that you have in your wardrobe and new bits and pieces will be enough to achieve these scenes stopping look’s.

The evolution of Emily’s makeup throughout season one is really something to appreciate. Although her makeup seemed to be more natural and glowy most of the time, just the pop of colour on her lip made all the difference. Jouer Cosmetics Best of Nudes Deluxe Lip Crème & Gloss Set will give you the lip shades you need. From a hint of pink in a nude lip in the shade BALLERINE to give you that fresh face to a warm berry nude in the shade CHÉRIE for that pop of colour to make you stand out.

Key pieces to have to pull off Emily’s outfits would be a plain black or even a striped printed mini skirt, a crop top of your choice, an oversized blazer or a coat (even if you stole it from your grandfather), a silk mini scarf and bag that will make you stand out from the crowd. A great DIY that you could also do at home with some of the extra toilet paper that you have stashed somewhere around your house would be to recreate Emily’s White Asymmetrical Dress, be creative with this and remember that you could rock this look just laying on your couch!

By Sabrina Delgado