Here’s why TikTok is obsessing over 60’s makeup

With over 850 million users on TikTok, this app has become the number one platform to spark new trends over the past year. The latest TikTok trend has even the most successful TikTok stars recreating looks, read further to find out why…    

The most recent trends surfaced in the TikTok community, have come from the release of Ariana Grande’s new album ‘positions’. This album has already earnt over $2 million through Spotify, and continues to gain publicity through other online platforms such as TikTok. Alongside releasing a new Netflix documentary, Ariana Grande has also been showcasing 60’s vibes in both her music and personal style, and of course TikTok is going crazy for this.

How to recreate the 60’s look…

  1. Place and gently buff concealer onto the eyelids before setting this with translucent powder.
  2. Use a warm brown eyeshadow as a base colour, and apply this all over the eyelid.
  3. To add depth and deepen the crease, place a darker brown eyeshadow onto the crease before blending out.
  4. With a flat angle brush, carve an outline of the eyelid with concealer as shown in the TikTok image above.
  5. Remember to create a ‘flick’ past the eyelid, for a dramatic 60’s effect.
  6. Place a white or nude eyeshadow shade on top of the concealed area to set the product.
  7. To intensify the look, go back into the darker brown colour previously used to reline the shape you have just carved.
  8. Before putting on your favourite lashes (we recommend Tatti or Doll beauty lashes), curl and apply mascara for your final look.
  9. We also suggest using a white eyeliner on your lower lash line for a typical 60’s makeup look.
  10. Continue with the rest of your face makeup, before finishing with a complimentary, nude lipstick.  

By Jessica Vistuer