How lockdown’s hair disasters became runway

Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear Prada

IT’S OFFICIAL – we’re trend setters!

By Emma Jade Clifford

Covid-19 made us all a little crazy in those 3 months of lockdown hell. Some people really enjoyed the extra time spent with their loved one, while others struggled to stay occupied during such an uncertain time. Our only freedom was completing the daily allowance of exercise, but even going for a walk is only an hour of our day, what else are we supposed to do with the other 12 hours? Well the answer is clear isn’t, it’s what any logical person would do when they have so much free time; MAKEOVER MAYHEM! I know, the excitement of stepping into a professionals shoes was all too much, we took on the role of our own personal Beauty and Hair Stylists – then instantly regretting the outcome of course.

The dreaded box dyes came out in their thousands; you can hear the hair dressers across the world shudder with disappointment and disgust! But we still did it anyway. Brow tinting sets were sold out EVERYWHERE, but the most common one of them all was grabbing the kitchen scissors and thinking we are the new Chris Appleton.

Brad Mondo would be screaming at us all. As he always said “Go to a professional”, but when everywhere was closed and our only option was for us to take charge, we did our best! Watching “How to’s” and YouTube tutorials to guide us before taking the plunge.

Here are just some of the lockdown hair transformations on Instagram under the hashtag #lockdownmademetoit:

It’s not just our Beauty treatments Covid-19 has ruined in 2020. The biggest fashion week of the year was made digital; meaning there was a runway but no audience. But to compensate for not being there in person (even though my invite must’ve got lost in the post..again) there was a huge set up of cameras, that moved electronically to make sure the experience was as if we were sitting in the front row, capturing the models from every angle.

Taking centre stage at Milan fashion week was Prada with their new collection of Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear, featuring playful polka dots, purple satin and charcoal tailoring.

But it wasn’t just the clothes we noticed; the hairstyles look awfully familiar. Chopped messy fringes, bowl cuts, mullets, misplaced layers…
Our lockdown hair disasters made it to runway!

Trends always begin on the runway; so, if you’re currently living with regrets from your meltdown in lockdown, then I’m here to say just embrace your new choppy locks because we set trend baby.

Don’t know about you but I’m going to use that as my excuse..