How to achieve the trending hairstyles from lockdown 2.0

Since the 5th November we have found ourselves in yet another lockdown, which means another wave of crazy hairstyles…

With all non-essential shops, nightclubs and gyms shut, it leaves us with no choice but to draw back in on the first lockdown’s antics. There hasn’t been the same rush to making banana bread and tie dying clothes this time round, however experimenting with different hairstyles and colours continues to be a major pass time for a lot of people… and why not! Now is the best time to reinvent and upgrade your look.

This article covers the current trending hairstyles for lockdown 2.0. Keep reading to jump onto the latest hair trends…

Introducing colour

The queen of TikTok and social media, Charli D’amelio has also been a trend setter for hairstyles over the past year. Her most recent look styled by famous YouTube hair critique and hairstylist ‘Brad Mondo’, achieves a playful look for November. Focusing the dye underneath and at the front of the face, adds depth and texture to the hair. Check out the full video on this hair transformation on YouTube

E-girl, but different

Since the first lockdown, the ‘E girl’ look has been revamped. Instead of bleaching the two front pieces of your hair, try isolating then dying the underneath of your hair to achieve a two toned look. If you happen to get bored of your new do, why not add colour to your bleached hair to get a completely different style again. We recommend adding colour with ‘Bleach London’ hair dye, retailed at £5.99. The choice for this look is endless!

For more inspiration on this hairstyle, follow social media influencer @irisloveunicorns on Instagram.

Zebra stripes

We just can’t seem to get away from the 90’s with these chunky highlights! This high contrast of colour has definitely got a marmite opinion. The bold and arty zebra like hairstyle has been brewing in London, and will undoubtedly be a lockdown craze in Southampton soon. Either use a hair cap to section the stripes to bleach or alternatively, try using hair chalk for short term results. Again with this hairstyle, you can add colour to personalise further. If you need more examples of this hairstyle, Pinterest will be your best friend.

Boys can do it too!

This time round, we are encouraging boys to join us on the lockdown 2.0 hair dying craze. Either dye the whole of your hair, or keep it simple with some frosted tips…

How to purchase the hair dye.

Superdrug will be your saviour this November. Toner, bleach, purple shampoo and your desired colour hair dye, is all you will need to purchase. They also offer a 10% student discount so you can save your money across everyday essentials.

Written by Jessica Vistuer