How to Achieve Your Perfect Euphoria Look

Euphoria Girls
With the new series ‘Euphoria’ becoming the next big thing, extravagant eye looks and outstanding outfits are making their way into peoples every day look, and this article will give you all the tips on how you can achieve this full- out style.


This is probably the most vital part of the whole euphoria vibe. For the eyeshadow, grab yourself the MAC Pro Pallet Refill in the shade ‘Passionate’ and place this in the crease. For the lid shade, simply take the MAC Pro Pallet Refill in  the shade ‘Stars ‘n’ Rockets’ and blend the two together. Pop some rhinestones through the crease and and add a fluttery lash to complete your look. Keep an eye out for a ‘how to’ tutorial on this glitzy, glam eye look at the end of this article.

euphoria eye look


Maddy is the queen of outfits in Euphoria. This is where the whole look comes together. Forget your plain jeans, crop tops and your trainers, it’s all about the glitter, gems and most importaintly colour. Chuck away your old trousers and switch them up for a pair of pink fares and a mathing ring detail top to kick start your look.

maddy cassie lexi euphoria

For a more high- key outfit, take a mesh ring detail sparkly top and some matching mesh flares for an outstanding fit almost as bomb as Maddy. Add in a cheeky little mini bag to match your outfit where you can keep your euphoria essentials in for the night.


Maddy is the main girl of the series so her hair choices are always vital for inspo. One style that will no doubt have everyones eyes locked onto your look is a slick back half up half down style with gems running through your partings. This will give the illusion of a  more lifted face with a bit of extra  sparkle. A slick back low bun with rhinestones through the side of the hairline into the temple will give you a more sophisticated way of a euphoria hair style.


1. Choose a base eyeshadow colour, any colour! Preferably a bright colour like a pink or a purple and put that all over your lid. Davy – euphorias makeup artist recommends any Colour Pop, MAC and NARS eyeshadows.

2. Choose another colour similar to the lid colour (e.g. pink on the lid and purple in the crease), and blend this through the crease and into the hood of the eye.

3. Next, the rhinestones. The most iconoic part of the euphoria look. Take a small sized rhinestone and place them a little bit higher than the crease so when you look straight ahead, your eyes are glistening. Place smaller rhinestones towards the inner corner and bigger ones towards the outter corner.

eye makeup

4. You can also place a few rhinestones below your eyebrows just to lift the eye look a little bit more.

5. Add a black winged liner for a fierce look, however this is not compulsory. Davy used a Chanel pot liner for maddys look on the show.

6. Pick out your favourite lashes, a winged out cat eye lash would go perfect as you dont want to cover those gems.

7. A peachy nude lip is your best friend in this look, you don’t want to take away ANY attention from the eyes.

Follow these 7 steps for your perfect euphoria look that is guaranteed to have everyones jaws dropping.