How to create the smudged hair look in 3 easy steps…

If you are wanting to change your hair, why not try a smudged root. This trend seems to be taking over social media and every girl is wanting this look. This hair trend can be easily done at home and this is essential at the moment due to the current pandemic. There are a few easy steps to this trend.

First, you will need to lighten your hair, either baby lights or balayage. Next you should mix together a gloss or semi-permanent dye that’s your shade. Then apply the colour to your roots using a tapping and dragging motion this is going to create the smudged effect. The colour needs to be applied one inch down your strands at the top of your head to allow for a natural transition. Work in small enough sections of hair as to not have any gaps, but not too small to take away the blonde highlights you have done already. Then comb out the colour for an even more gradual change in hues. Then wash out the colour. Last you need to apply a hair toner to help neutralize the colour to avoid brassiness. This is the so the length of your hair and your roots have the same overall tone for a consistent, seamless head of colour.

Following these easy steps, you will be able to produce the perfect smudged root, lockdown style!

By Sophie Horncastle